This Text To Speech Software Will Blow Your Mind!

Text-to-speech software can provide many exciting benefits to those who take advantage of it. The software allows for fully automated customer service solutions to be crafted, voice over ‘acting’ for promotional and educational videos becomes much simpler and connecting with an audience on a personal level becomes an attainable goal.

The primary issue that people often have text-to-speech software is that the ‘voice’ often sounds robotic, cold, and unconvincing. Even some of the top names in the text-to-speech business struggle to get it right. Speechelo provides and answer to those challenges.

Benefits of Speechelo

With Speechelo, you get all the benefits of a top-rated text-to-speech package, with none of the drawbacks that software of this type is known for.

Creating a voiceover with Speechelo is a simple process that only requires a few clicks. The basic version can read any text that a user inputs into the reading field, and the pro versions are able to grab text from other sources – such as YouTube closed captions – automatically.

One of the most noticeable benefits of Speechelo is the quality of the voices that you get.

Voice Quality

When it comes to voice quality in AI-powered voiceovers, it is hard to beat the natural voice that Speechelo produces. It’s so good, in fact, that most people cannot even tell the difference between Speechelo’s voices and a real person.

The secret to Speechelo’s success is the software’s ability to produce human-like voices using Artificial Intelligence. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Speechelo can identify points of inflection, emphatic stress, and even when to take a breath.   

Speechelo Features

Apart from the obvious voiceover quality incentives, Speechelo also comes with a few other features that are quite attractive.

Voice Selection

Users can make use of a wide variety of languages and voices when using Speechelo. There are male and female voices in English and 23 additional languages to choose from. Whether you need your voiceover in English, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Welsh, or anything in between, connecting to a global audience has never been easier.

Once the perfect voice for a particular project has been chosen, there is an additional feature that helps set Speechelo apart from its competition. That is the software’s ability to ‘speak’ in a happy tone, a normal tone, or a serious tone.

Ease of Use

Another great feature of Speechelo is its ease of use. For a software solution as advanced as Speechelo, the simplicity of its use is genius. All that is required to get the perfect voice recording for your video project is to paste in some text, select the voice that suits the project, tweak the settings to improve the results even more, and hit play.

Speechelo Vs The Competition

With so many pro features, Speechelo easily overtakes other ‘industry-standard’ text-to-speech solutions to become an obvious choice.

In terms of quality vs cost, Speechelo is able to deliver a full suite of premium services at a fraction of the cost associated with the competition. Many of the industry leaders charge costly monthly subscriptions fees for access to AI-powered voice over, and the free tools available just don’t have the realistic feel necessary to be convincing.

Speechelo provides the perfect balance between quality, features, and cost. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you are looking for a text-to-speech software package that can handle anything you can throw at it, Speechelo is certainly one of the best options available. The quality voice delivery is top-notch, the software is simple to use, and the generated voice tracks can easily be applied to just about any video software on the market today. 

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