6 Online Psychic Reading Services You Should Try!

Looking for answers? Find your perfect online psychic reading match visit with these six reputable psychic reading websites that offer specialized divination, skilled psychic reader options, and insights on a budget. Millions of people seek out a psychic reading on any given day including Sun Mon and Wed Thu Fri.

The pandemic threw millions of people into a present tailspin. Most people need someone to talk to because they’re struggling to achieve the right decision and peace with nature. They’re searching for positive energy, relationship answers, and view content. As people prepare to re-open their life one year later, they worry about their faith and well being. People have been counting the days one month at a time since April as they search for clarity, inspiration and renewed light. After counting the days, it’s time to prepare and write a new chapter with a psychic reading.

Within your online psychic reading options, customers enjoy several services such as spiritual readings. Whether a person needs spiritual guidance, life career advice help, love life help, or accurate readings on big life decisions, there’s a best psychic for you available online. You just need a credit card to get started.

Psychic Oz Online Psychics


This well-established company may be small, but its pricing and psychic readings online are top-notch.


Most reviews and ratings of Psychic Oz are overwhelmingly positive because they have a stringent hiring process and select only the best online psychics. A person will find an audio recording and photo attached to the profiles so you can be sure you can communicate clearly and connect with your preferred psychic reader.

Established in 1989, Psychic Oz is one of the highest-rated for decades and oldest online today. Their online psychics come from various countries around the world and are available 24/7.


There is not much present description about work, so clients should be familiar with divination techniques before ordering. Their blog delivers valuable tips through social media, but it is not well-advertised.

Because Psychic Oz employs very few chat psychics, they may be backlogged and unable to answer questions in a timely manner. Some disappointed customers felt that their phone psychics asked leading questions, included too much filler, and their electronic readings were very short.


Psychic Oz’s no-nonsense online platform has people-friendly navigation and their blog is updated very frequently.

Types of readings

Question categories at Psychic Oz include love readings, life career advice help, life path, pets, deceased loved ones, lost objects, missing persons, and even past life experiences.

Psychic Oz ticks all the boxes for standard accurate readings and expertise. Psychics include clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, remote viewers, channellers, automatic writers, empaths, dream analysts, and medium psychics. They use tarot cards, crystals, i-ching, and oracle cards.

How to connect

  • Most chat psychics are available by telephone. For the best price, phone ahead.
  • Psychic Oz employs only about 75 members, so wait times can be long. Some niche categories have few or none available. There are several love psychics, career, and life path psychics, but none were available at time of writing.


  • The discounted price per minute can be as low as $0.99, but the regular price is $2.99. Purchase time in 10 or 15 increments for $9.99 or $14.99 respectively.
  • New customers start with 3 free minutes and all subsequent accurate readings include 1 for free. Then, purchase additional credit. No free psychic reader.
  • Psychic Oz has a refund policy if enacted within a week to cancel confirm credit purchase.

Purple Garden Online Psychics


This simple online platform caters to the younger people and operates primarily via the people-friendly app.


Purple Garden’s emoji-rich site is fun to browse. The clear smiley face/frowny face review rating system makes accessibility to the gifted psychics service simple.

Intro profiles are long and detailed and the ones that are busy or have top accuracy is clear. The site advertises the number of readings each has performed — some have given over 50,000 readings!


Purple Garden may remind some people of a dating website and there’s not much information about the readings available. The online platform has very little info of any kind other than the individual ads, so Purple Garden is not for first-timers.

Purple Garden defaults to live video calls, so a person that doesn’t want to be on camera, may not feel comfortable using this brand.

Easily complete a purchase to access online content. The app format is simple to use and those who find themselves addicted can spend far more money than they intended.


The popular Journeys page on the Purple Ocean app is a resource for customers and psychics alike. This free feature lets a person interact other members of the community to create a connection about your experience, your spiritual journey, and learn more about using the reviews, answers, and other services. This is not available on the Purple Garden website.

Purple Garden’s website is neat and bright, and the Purple Ocean sister app is outrageously people-friendly. The app offers non-live, delayed deliveries for play and analyze anytime.

Reading Type

Each born psychic offers different capabilities. Most service life and relationship coaching and love readings, but some have more specific predict skills like twin flames, numerology, and even Egyptian pyramid energy readings. A person will have to search to find your best match.

Because Purple Garden uses video, it stands out among websites with the ability to perform palm readings. There are also psychics who complete tarot card readings, astrology and horoscopes, oracle cards, angel insights, dream analysis, and no-tools psychic readings.

How to connect

  • Psychics are most readily available via the Purple Garden or Purple Ocean app.
  • It is unclear how many psychics are available at Purple Garden.


  • Prices vary greatly. Psychics at Purple Garden and Purple Ocean are freelancers who name their own prices. Chat psychics start at $1.99/minute and goes up to $14.99.
  • Purple Garden does have promo codes. Readings are very short, but a person can easily purchase more time. No free psychic reader answers, guidance, or review.
  • The online platform does not advertise any guarantees, but calls are monitored and they do have a refund policy if necessary.

Kasamba Tarot Card Readings and More


Kasamba’s online platform is bursting with psychic specialties that can’t be found anywhere else.


Navigating Kasamba’s website is fun. Each has their specialties neatly listed in a drop-down menu for convenient research. With lots of info, find a psychic reading easily.

Some psychics offer specialty services to a customer unavailable on other sites, like scrying, spell casting, and occultism.

Kasamba has been around for over 20 years and has helped more than 3 million people.


Kasamba’s sheer volume of specialties is a double-edged sword. It can be hard to find the right reader since there are so many options. Customers should know exactly what type of service they need before trying Kasamba.

Pricing structure at Kasamba can be complicated. Some customers had issues with the online platform miscalculating the amounts due, charging the card before services rendered, and other financial issues. Watch your account balance carefully.


Kasamba has fantastic articles that detail their session services, how certain readings are conducted, questions to ask, etc. Some of the articles are just plain good advice with information on how to cope with loss, at-home stress management, and more. There’s plenty of information for beginners!

The app version of this online platform is people-friendly. On the website, users can only view a small number of reviews for each. The app offers customers to view content as well as main content.

Types of readings

The best part of Kasamba is the amazing variety of predict services and readings offered. Like other websites, their best psychics help with love life help, dream analysis sessions, life career dreams, and future finance, but they can use specialty tools to reveal the universe to customers, too.

Aside from the standard tarot card readers, astrologers, no-tool psychics, and psychic mediums, Kasamba employs online psychics who specialize in essential graphology, scrying subjects, runes aspects, kabbalah, and more aspects.

How to connect

  • Phone, chat, or emails.
  • Over 200 psychics are currently employed at Kasamba, some of whom speak Spanish. A person can see how many online psychics there are at any given moment right on the homepage. At the time of this writing, there were 67 available immediately.


  • Psychics set their own rates at Kasamba and prices start at $1.99 per minute. The most in-demand best psychics with high accuracy ratings can charge over $30. Regardless of the price tag, this website allows you to request a reading at your preferred rates.
  • Kasamba offers 3 introductory minutes to new clients and offers occasional discounts.
  • There is a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Absolutely Psychic Readings


Absolutely Psychic is your hub for high-quality phone psychics.


Absolutely Psychic is very selective about their readers. Best psychics must pass a rigorous test and perform a live reading on the hiring director. Only about 2% pass the test and just 0.5% of applicants make the final cut.

The platform posts articles about each type of reading such as using tarot cards to find lost items.

Absolutely Psychic is well-respected in the industry and was founded in 2001.


Navigating the outdated website is challenging. It is difficult to find the right pricing. The audio on this phone-dominated website needs an update.

Because of the stringent hiring process and tight regulations, the selection of psychic readers is slim. At the time of writing, there were zero psychics available.


Absolutely Psychic is no-frills, but it offers customers a great blog, everyday horoscope, and newsletter to read in between calls.

Reading Type

Love psychics, career, finance life, past lives, loss and grief, death, and destiny (life events, experiences, and fate) readings are readily available. Absolutely Psychic employs psychic medium with the ability to speak to the dead to obtain closure.

They employ psychics with empath, clairvoyant, automatic writing, channeling, clairaudient, clairsentient, dream analysis. They can use no-tools abilities, tarot cards, spirit guides, angel cards, and more.

How to connect

  • Speak to your Absolutely Psychic reader by phone or send them an email. Unlike other psychic sites, this one focuses primarily on telephone readings, so you don’t need a sign up. Just pick up the phone! If you prefer to have more control of your reading, increment your selected amount, and they will call you back.
  • At the time of writing, there were about 50 psychics available.


  • Absolutely Psychic bills itself as the low price leader, claiming they are 60% cheaper than the competition. The rates range between $2.99-4.99 and email readings are $69.99 or $99.99 depending on the length of the reading.
  • The first 5 are free for new people and returning clients may find discounts in their electronic newsletters.
  • It is not clear if there’s a moneyback guarantee, but they do have mediation services.

Psychic Source Phone Psychics


Psychic Source is ideal for beginners, people on a budget, and people who take their psychic readings seriously.


Try Psychic Source’s cute animated interactive matching to research the best person. The friendly game-like quiz asks what kind of reading you want and your preferred contact format; then shows you your filtered results.

You can choose your psychic’s reading style: compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, or wise. Spanish-speaking psychics are available.

This is a highly professional website and the company has been in business for over 30 years.


Profiles are less detailed compared to other sites, but the reviews tend to be more detailed. Profiles also include customer endorsements for their specialties.

Since this is a smaller site, there are fewer reviews.

Hiring process is not disclosed.


Psychic Source is perfect for visual learners. People can read interesting pieces about tarot card readings and color theory. Many of the top-rated psychics have their own promotional videos on their pages.

Enjoy a free daily horoscope for all visitors, even if you’re not registered. No free psychic reading.

There is a 1% of all profits to charities which provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities or to anti-violence and housing programs.

Types of readings

Online psychics can answer questions about love life, family life, relationships, career review, finance advice, the future life, and loss and grief for closure.

Online psychic readers use angel cards, astrology, no tools, cartomancy, crystals, dowsing, numerology, reiki, and tarot card reading. Psychich Source employs clairaudients, clairsentients, clairvoyants, energy healers, empaths, pet psychics, and medium.

How to connect

  • Reach out via phone or chat. If your question can wait, schedule appointments ahead of time.
  • There are over 250 vetted psychics.


  • Pricing is variable based on psychics’ popularity. The most in-demand psychics charge $10 per minute or more. Basic options start as low as $1 and time can be purchased in increments of 10, 20, or 30 minutes.
  • Introductory pricing for new customers includes 3 minutes free. No free psychic.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy.

Keen Psychics


Keen psychics is among the popular and well-advertised psychic websites that makes it easy to find the right psychic reading for every person.


Keen psychics has an excellent filtering system for finding your perfect psychic reading. Select your question category, price range, communication preference, and requested kind of advice (either direct or gentle). The site’s AI takes care of the rest.

This is a well-recognized, well-established brand that’s been featured on popular sites like Refinery29, Bustle, and in Cosmopolitan magazine.


The minimalist website makes for a smooth customer experience, but it can be frustrating when browsing. Without recordings, you won’t be familiar with your psychic’s voice or communication style before ordering.

While the prices start low and are some of the best prices in the industry, their most popular best psychics can charge exorbitant fees that can add up frighteningly quickly.


User-friendly app for Android and iOS that makes it easy to find a great match.

Some psychics host their own blogs for background on their forces, thoughts, and experience to create trust before the session with customers. Browse your favorite psychics to read their up-to-date blogs about their favorite spiritual advice to determine fit and discover their past.

There is a free daily horoscope for all customers and visitors. Their articles and videos include the dos and donts, how to interpret your reading afterward, and much more.

Types of readings

Present question categories include love life help, relationships, life questions, and general sessions for psychic reading online or an aura reading. Each psychic has their own focus.

Accurate readings include tarot card readings, astrology, psychic mediums, and no-tool psychic readings, but also some specialty like feng shui, chakra cleansing, and more. Astrologists specialize in Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic.

How to connect

  • Phone, emails, or chat.
  • As of May 2021, over 1700 psychics with a wide variety of specialties are employed.


  • Keen makes finding a budget-friendly option simple. The finder features a budget slider which ranges from $1.99 to $9.99. For the most in-demand psychics, actual pricing can be $40 or higher.
  • For new customers, the first 3 minutes are free. They have a great intro deal of 10 for just $1.99. No free psychic reader.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Reading Etiquette

Good psychic reading platforms are not that much different from receiving guidance from a best psychic over the phone. They are all trained experts in their capabilities to help people overcome hurdles, reignite minds, and work toward improving their whole life. When it’s necessary, a partial refund is made because inspiration, understanding, and wisdom are the goals.

Most people interested in a best psychic reading, tarot readings, or fortune telling have seen the California Psychics commercial. An accurate reading is a two-way street. The way toward a better life and aura begins with energy, guidance, and a sense of peace. Customers should be honest and open to during a professional psychic reading online. The people on the California Psychics commercial seem pretty overcome with the satisfactory services and answers they received. A quality experience and communication can touch a heart for a customer and friends.

Before a psychic reading online visit, decide if there’s something specific you hope to discover. Then a psychic medium can assist you during a session. It’s normal to be unsure, but the psychic medium is online to provide accurate predictions, answers, and provide a balanced advantage to every customer and every session.

Hope can lead to a brighter aura and benefit the soul, which can lead to peace. There you might achieve a magical point in your life with power to harness your desires and newly revealed passion. You don’t have to live in a present confused state. It’s time to leave what happened and those feelings as a moment in the past.

Account Registration

You must always guard your credit card when used to pay for platforms such as best online psychics to prevent fraud. There are several credit options. Some accept paypal for payment process.

Account set up is important because it houses your last name email address, allows you to subscription cancel, and buy subscription cancel. It allows main content enable accessibility especially for the visually impaired open to an accurate reading, fortune telling, and accurate predictions about the universe, world, and art. Password cancel register with your last name email address is another important reading online feature.

Clients may be asked to sign up. Be sure to safeguard your subscriber account to prevent unauthorized access to online content. If there’s an issue with email user name password, it can cause a credit block, which is why you shouldn’t work from a public computer. This prevents worry and customer data misuse by unauthorized users through password theft and track platforms.

Once clients have a login, you can buy credit term subscriptions, purchase change billing info, and submit e wallet permits. Daily rates are available for frequent customers, which save money. There’s also a daily amount a person can enjoy. There aren’t many free psychic readings online, but millions of people manage their accounts and balances day to day.

When the balance reaches low numbers, it needs a refill. To maintain your benefits and sessions, take paid action. Future payments are deducted as you go.

Psychic Reading Online Choices

Online subscriptions are worthwhile. You’ll need to remember your subscriber account email address and not share it with anyone. Simple submit your subscriber registration account. You can password cancel register and email user name password.

If you’re new, there are traditional subscriptions and non subscriber registration, and registration option register.

Once you have full access to psychic reading websites and right path sessions, you should know what your subscriber registrations gets you. For example, you may have access to accurate love readings from love psychics, additional viewing, and tarot readings. As you saw above, online psychics range from tarot cards to aura readings. There’s also fortune telling, future telling, and live readings for life career guidance help and self discovery.

It’s time to wander into the unknown power of aura to benefit your present point and prepare for what comes next.

Psychic Reading Conclusion

No matter the day including Sun Mon and Wed Thu Fri, a psychic reading is one way some people can gain insight to a better life, right life career advice, and solutions to one’s life problems. A person can feel better about the future in a year of despair knowing the meaning behind your dreams, thoughts, and symbols. There’s no reason to chase magic if the universe presents you clarity through light revealed through mediums in a session. Daily rates vary based on time period and visit basis.

The power of a talk session is magical as it can help a person discover the power of their abilities and obtain insight to their passion for the world. It might cast balance between fear hope in the present matter as you become aware of feelings and desires hidden from friends, the world, and the present times.

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