Portable DIY Solar Panel Kit

It is the end of the year and you are reviewing your yearly expenses, then, boom! You realize that half of your annual income goes to electric bills while you struggle to split the remaining half of your salary into groceries, home repairs, mortgage, and other expenses.

Although your monthly income is fair enough, you struggle saving money and can barely live comfortably; you struggle to go on vacation once a year, struggle to pay for kids tuition, and struggle to put good food on the table, all because half of your annual earnings go into electricity alone!

Statistics reveal that an average US family spends at least $117.65 per month on electricity which sums up to approximately $1411.8 per year; now imagine what you would do with that if you didn’t have to spend so much on electricity statements!

Then, you have an idea and decide to save on installation costs by going solar and opting for something like a DIY PV system, but while you were at it, you got confused due to the shortcomings of the do-it-yourself solar project; you took the wrong steps and ruined the entire installation process! Now, you can’t set up your solar panel, the area on your roof is damaged, you run the risk of potential leaks, and you have no warranty claims!

The above scenario has been the fate of many homeowners. Over the years, savvy homeowners have weighed the pros and cons about investing in solar panels and have come to realize that solar energy is the best method to cut electricity costs. This simple solar investment not only lets people save up to 65% of their monthly electricity bill so they can live comfortably financially, but it lets them live safely if they were to go off grid during a storm or power outage.

As expected, there are some pros and cons to solar panels. Although solar panels are a wonderful source of renewable energy, solar installation is a major cost for any homeowner and depending on the system size, a person can end up spending thousands of dollars going with a solar installation company—and hiring a professional solar installation business isn’t considered an effective cost cutting strategy. For this reason, some homeowners go the DIY route with solar kits but achieve terrible results due to complications that arise in the process and later.

In this article, you will get to know why some do-it-yourself projects for a PV system often don’t work and end up being a big waste of time and investment and how the Backyard Revolution solar panel system sets itself apart. No matter your zip code or what area in the world you live in, going solar creates renewable energy and will help you save money. With all the details on the numerous benefits you will enjoy, opting for the Backyard revolution solar panel solution will meet your energy needs.

Let’s dive right in on everything you need to know. 

How can a DIY solar panel solution be a waste of your time and money?

Some homeowners who invest in inferior solar panel power solutions for their property end up with negative outcomes, mostly because of the shortcomings of these solar energy system projects and eventually having to rely on help from a company. Below are their major shortcomings, cons, and disadvantages of inferior at-home solar projects.

They Lack Details

Many solar projects lack details and intricacies when you do it yourself, which is why some homeowners who opt for doing it themselves tend to do the wrong thing. They might be a good start, but when confusions take place, these solar energy system solutions become insufficient to help with solving these complications because they do not have enough details to carry you through the process. Due to a lack of sufficient details on a DIY solar kit, homeowners take the wrong steps that alter the setup process which not only brings about negative outcomes, but may result in consulting professional company installers.

They are too Complicated

Many kits or DIY solar energy system solutions are often too complicated. Many of them are infused with the fancy industry jargon, academic languages, and technical grammar, which leave property owners confused when they are in the process of solar panel installation.

The technicality of it is a turn-off, and if you happen to purchase any of these types of power solutions, you may find yourself stuck half-way or doing the wrong things which would lead to poor results or having to rely on professional company installers, thereby costing you not just your time, but your effort and money.

They Require Regular Maintenance

Many DIY solar power solutions or systems come with different maintenance needs and challenges that aren’t cost effective. People who purchase inferior DIY solar solutions often times need a project manager or professional company installers and end up spending a lot more money on maintenance and repair, which defeats the cost savings advantage they ought to provide.

They Won’t Be There When You Need Them

There are some pros and cons when planning your own solar panel installation. The majority of them are unreliable and do not perform their functions, especially when you need them to most like when you go off grid. Whether you’re traveling across the United States, or have a sudden blackout in your neighborhood and lose power, you have energy needs and depend on light. When power grid systems fail, sometimes DIY solar panels is all you’ve got.

What sets the Backyard Revolution from other Self-Assembly Solutions?

The Backyard Revolution is the best DIY solar option if you are trying to cut costs and avoid the potential risks of purchasing the wrong solar kit stated above. You might be wondering, how do the Backyard Revolution panels stand out from its counterparts, and why exactly should I opt for it?

Below, you will discover all the pros and different ways Backyard Revolution solar panels sets themselves apart from other DIY solar panels or an electrical system, how this solar product connects your home to a power grid, and how the Backyard Revolution can provide someone all their energy needs. Let’s dive in on some tips, reasons, and incentives!

It’s The Easiest Self-Assembly Solution

You might be wondering, “I’m way too old or fragile to do this all by myself and I have never set up anything before, so how on earth will I fix solar panels all by myself.” Relax, because solar panel installation with the Backyard Revolution system is a breeze.

Installing the Backyard Revolution requires minimum effort with no need to hire third-party company installers. You might have to do some cuttings, but that’s all that there is to it. However, whenever you plan to be on a roof, call up a friend or family member for safety measures. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy and only takes just two hours of your time for the entire solar panel installation.

It contains no jargon, technical or academic language; rather, it provides a user-friendly step-by-step guide that can be understood by any person regardless of their age, academic level, or field. This solar panel kit is a cost effective solar project made for everyone.

The Backyard Revolution system takes you by the hand and guides you through every step to make sure you don’t get stuck or stranded on the way.

What’s more? When you register with a valid email address, you will get 12 months of unlimited email access where you can get answers to your solar questions or project needs while using your Backyard Revolution. No other solar home system kit comes close to this.

Consumes Less Space

Compared to other solar DIY solutions that consume space, the Backyard Revolution is an at-home solar system that is quite different. The solar panels need just 5% of the area surface used in conventional systems, which makes it very ideal if you are trying to maximize your given area.

What’s more? Its compact size is something that makes it really versatile, so you can use it not just in the backyard or balcony of your home, but you can carry it outside your home—perhaps during night camps and other late outdoor fun time with your loved ones.

More so, if you plan to keep your solar panel a secret to your nosy neighbors, the Backyard Revolution has you covered. It’s really compact and less conspicuous; no one will know you have a solar panel stored in your home.

No maintenance required!

A major challenge most people encounter with the majority of home solutions are maintenance needs. Most solutions come up with issues that need fixing, and you might find yourself spending a lot of time maintaining them or consulting company installers.

However, the Backyard Revolution system is different. It is there to connect you to a solar grid, cut costs, and serve you for a long time without causing you additional stress. All you need to do after setting up is to put your Backyard Revolution system in a sunny spot for a few hours during the day, or you could just put it in one position for the rest of the year, provided the position receives a lot of sun.

So you won’t have to spend your precious time tending to the Backyard Revolution system, unlike other DIY solutions, and you can make sure that your time is spent having fun in the sun and doing other things that matter to you.

It’s The Cheapest DIY System Solution

Out of other solar systems, the Backyard Revolution option is the cheapest DIY solar panel installation you can do by yourself. Apart from helping you cut your electric cost by a whopping 66 percent, you will get to learn how to set up versatile solar panels at a ridiculously low price so you can save money for that amazing trip you want to go on or buy that beautiful present your friend or loved one has always wanted. Backyard revolution gives you value for money in addition to saving money as well.

Although other solar installers may utilize a solar calculator to quickly estimate your savings potential, the Backyard Revolution eliminates hiring a contractor and saves you time and resources by already having an economical home solar kit ready for you to install. Plus, solar panels inverters use the solar energy from the sun to easily connect the house to a power grid so you can start saving energy instantly.

Additionally, installing the Backyard Revolution on your property can help any homeowner save money other than just the monthly bills. States in the North American region offer tax credits for installing solar panels and utilizing solar energy. In order to take advantage of the solar property tax credits, the home solar system must be placed in service on your property during the given tax year and generate power. These solar tax credits can be claimed on your federal tax for a percentage of the cost of a solar photovoltaic system.

Saves From Future Dangers

Power grid blackouts can pose some dangers to you and your family; it makes your home less secure and protected from intruders because it gives them the confidence to access your home as they can easily enter unnoticed. Being off grid puts your home at risk and makes it easy for intruders to cart away your prized possessions unnoticed. 

However, by installing the Backyard Revolution solar system in your home, you can save the ones you love from harm and protect your properties because the Backyard Revolution ensures your house is always lit up, regardless if you’re off grid, what the weather elements are, or what circumstances are going on.

So whether there’s a storm going on or if the sun is shining and the whole neighborhood is off grid due to a blackout, you won’t need the power grid because your Backyard Revolution solar panels will safely light up your home and keep you and your loved ones safe.


The solar system is every homeowner’s escape route from paying high electricity bills, hiring installers, and saving costs. However, installing conventional solar system panels also comes with a high price which is why some homeowners opt for do-it-yourself solar panels, but that too can be a dead-end if homeowners purchase inferior solutions.

 The good news, however, is that among the other DIY solar solutions available, there is one DIY project you can trust: the Backyard Revolution.

This article covers how the Backyard Revolution sets itself apart from other DIY solar panel solutions and how purchasing the Backyard Revolution can be your key to successfully connecting to a grid and avoiding the common consequences of regular DIY solar panels.

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