The Most Effective Natural Odor Eliminator Products

Living in the modern age, you’re bound to collect fragrance sprays and scent cleaners to remove tough lingering odors. These kinds of scent and fragrance products come with toxic side effects. Some odor eliminators spray can pose a risk for children and pets. So consider them when choosing your odor eliminating product. Some chemical cleaners are designed to numb smell rather than get rid of odors.

Natural alternatives to these products are becoming more common on the market especially for spray best odor eliminators. They’re made with nontoxic ingredients and packaged with sustainability in mind. You can get rid of odors, scents, smells, and smoke from your car and carpets up to two years.

No matter where you find them, here are four natural odor eliminator top picks to stop odors in the home today.

For the Pets:  Bio-Shocker and doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray from Biocide Systems Odor Eliminator

As much as you may treasure your furry friend, pet odor sign from litter boxes of poo pourri and urine, and pets is tough.

Biocide Systems CL02

Biocide Systems harnesses chlorine dioxide, otherwise known as ClO2 to reduce and eliminate pet odors.

It’s negatively charged to be attracted to odor like a magnet, oxidizing unwanted microbes and eliminating pet odors en masse. It may smell like chlorine, but it’s a perfectly safe chemical that’s even found in drinking water like natural enzymes.

The Bio-Shocker releases a nontoxic vapor that clings to any porous material, providing complete elimination of urine and musty odors. The smell is safe and leaves no gel residue, powder scent, smoke, or lingering bad smells in rooms.

And if the pet odor is from your pet itself, the doggiCLEEN Skunk Spray will get rid of all strong pet odor on a small to medium dog or cat. It leaves your pet clean and fresh without using any chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde that could aggravate their skin. It can buck bad smells as severe as a skunk’s spray, so it’s especially useful to have on hand if you have an outdoorsy animal!

With a good choice, you can eliminate pet orders such as poo pourri litter boxes beyond using sprays, plug ins, or gels. Fragrances and scents can only do so much because you must frequently spray to get rid of scents in the air.

For Laundry:  Laundry Machine Cleaner from MyGreenFills Odor Eliminator

Germs and bacteria in our clothing linger in the washing machine and spread. A washing machine holds humidity that breeds mold. So if your clothes are smelling a little musty from body odor, there’s a chance that you may be operating a mold hotel without even realizing it.

MyGreenFills has made a business out of sustainable and natural cleaning products. The perfect way to start learning their magic is through their Laundry Machine Cleaners. They’re made with citric acid and a few kinds of salt — but no scents, fragrances, perfumes, bleaches, or harsh ingredients.

All of this comes in a small muslin bag. To use it, you just throw it in the wash and set it for the highest temperature. It goes through and cleanses the mold and gunk inside of your washing machine. The result is a clean slate, fresher clothes, and a neat bag that you can reuse however you want.

And by eliminating layers of damaging odor molecules, sludge and bacteria, you can extend the life of your washing machine without the need for toxic ingredients. The effectiveness is impressive.

For Floorings:  The OdorKlenz Collection Odor Eliminator

People collect a lot of hard-to-handle bad smells on their floors. It’s easier to tell on rugs and carpets, since they have a tendency to absorb any odors they come into contact with. But even wood like cedarwood and tile can have their own messes, and regardless of the material that you use for flooring, you need something that can eliminate odor without bleaching or staining.

OdorKlenz blends well with all-natural materials and no added perfumes or fragrances. They attack odor by using metal oxide, which can be used to tackle unpleasant smells at the root. This leaves your home, surface, and carpets smelling fresh. Odors don’t linger anymore.

The company has a variety of products, but two in particular stand out when it comes to fighting floor odor.

For Tile and Hardwood:  OdorKlenz Absorbent Granules

OdorKlenz Absorbent Granules use the best of OdorKlenz’s earth mineral technology to treat all kinds of liquid and food spills. All you have to do is sprinkle a generous amount over any spill that may occur on a non-porous floor surface such as carpets and watch as it not only absorbs the material, but also the odors itself.

You won’t have to scrub at the mess. Just leave the light granules on for around ten minutes, then sweep or vacuum what’s left behind. It’s almost like magic!

For Carpet:  OdorKlenz Source Odor Treatment

While the OdorKlenz Source will also benefit hardwood and tile, it’s specialized for carpet and upholstery. It doesn’t use any masking agents or harsh chemicals. It can be used on soft or hard surfaces. It’s also water-based, which means it won’t bleach.

To use it, you can either dilute it with water or pour it straight from the bottle. All you need to do is cover the problem area. If you’re using it undiluted, you just have to let it sit for fifteen minutes before you scrub the area with fresh water. However you choose to use it, that gross smell is a thing of the past.

For the Space:  Truly Free Space Freshener from MyGreenFills Odor Eliminator

When you’re looking for a home air freshener without the numbing chemicals and throwaway packaging, Truly Free’s Space Freshener is the way to go. It uses essential oils and natural minerals to eliminate all kinds of household odors, while being safe enough to use with plants, pets, and kids in the house.

The Space Freshener has a pleasant lavender fragrance and lemongrass scent that can be refilled without needing to change the bottle. The bottle is UV-protected to make sure that the oils inside stay fresh. All you need to do is order replacement pouches and mix them with water in the same container. Doing that has allowed Truly Free to save millions of plastic bottles from being made and ultimately wasted.

What we smell is important. But when you’re combating an unpleasant odors it doesn’t help to fill the air with more toxic particles. Most chemical cleaners, despite their fun colors and manufactured scents, have now been revealed to have toxic side effects.

Storage Tips

Even though natural odor products are made from simple ingredients, be sure to safely store them. Keep them in a dry and safe place away from the pantry room. You don’t want their scents, fragrance, and smells floating into the room where the children sleep or your kitchen. An excellent choice is to place the products in the garage.

Odor Eliminators: How to Pick the Best Product Additional Considerations

When you pick out the best odor eliminator products for your home, consider the ingredients, allergies at home, and safety. Typical ingredients that absorb odors include baking soda, activated charcoal, and bamboo charcoal. Baking soda seems to work wonders. Natural ingredients like lemon are always solid options. Let’s take a closer look at some additional details.

Best Odor Eliminator Formula

Odor removing products have come a long way. They’re less harsh. For many years, some featured phthalates and formaldehyde formulations. Don’t be surprised to find plant based ingredients in odor eliminators today. Bamboo charcoal and activated charcoal have become more common, too.

The best gel, spray, and scent use a formula mean to dissipate enzymes and combat powerful odors. It can be simple and will no longer contain phthalates because plant based ingredients are effective, too.

Air Freshener vs Do-It-Yourself Odor Eliminators

If you don’t have time to make a do-it-yourself natural product, air fresheners are on the market. They’re good for small spaces such as your car, bathroom, and even your shoes. They smell like pine, lime, and the sun. These odor eliminators get the job done, but pine air fresheners don’t get rid of stubborn smells.

Pine air fresheners pleasing for the nose and available in several formats such as size and cost, but for long term results, you want something tough on odors. This product is solid in a pinch when faced with unpleasant odors for a few hours.

Length of Freshness

As you pick out your spray odor eliminating product, consider the length of time it removes odors. No product reaches completely zero odor from rooms and manufacturer furniture. Some spray odor eliminators only mask bad smells for an hour. Others get rid of natural enzymes, overpowering smoke scents and fragrances and last a few months. Test the effectiveness of an odor removing concoction gels over a month in several rooms and bathrooms. The formula should neutralize.

Best Gels for Odors

A scent sprays, spray scents, and fragrance gels in bags or a container work against unpleasant tough odors that lingers on a surface. The best gel extracts smells and smoke from bathrooms.

A Word of Air Purifiers and Odor Eliminating

Fresh air purifiers differ from spray odor eliminating products for sensitive populations. Air purifiers trap odor molecules, allergens, smoke, dust, and organic matter from the air in small spaces for a few hours, month and one year or two on their filters based on the filters used with the air purifier device. Placing it in the right spot matters. An air purifier doesn’t require a spray, fragrance or gel plug ins. There’s no scent, sprays, or smells.

An air purifier device goes beyond bad smells and scent. It tackles extra moisture in the air and helps eliminate mildew without the need of overpowering items. This gives you fresh air indoors. Consumers like the air purifier because it reduces indoor VOCs created from cooking and other daily home activities.

To help the indoor air circulate, it’s a good idea to open your windows at least once a day, which enhances the power of an air purifier and odor eliminating product. It allows fresh air indoors. Smoke, powder, and other allergens like dust can float outside. The new air helps those with sensitive allergies breathe a little easier.

Most people are sensitive to their indoor air settings and light allergens including smoke, unpleasant smells, and odors. An air purifier device coupled with high-quality filters removes odors. Air purifiers also tackle mildew, smoke, and neutralize smells. There are several air purifier filters to combat organic matter. Pick from the options that are medical-grade for fresh quality indoor air.

Where to Purchase Best Odor Eliminators

Several of the best odor eliminators are available to buy and order online including their Amazon store. Editors make it easy to find odor eliminators safe for the bathroom, child’s room, and living room with tags. Some are manufacturer partners that recommend a best with room settings in mind through email links. The information is designed to be help to a person through data.

When you go online, you’ll find additional information on other popular products. Some options may earn a commission, so learn about each popular choice. The more simple, the more effective the product for your bathroom, carpets, and without being harsh.

Natural Odor Eliminator Products Conclusion

Learn about the ingredients in odor eliminators like charcoal, household cleaners and air fresheners. Apply an excellent product that’ll eliminate odors like pet odor and poo pourri odors to almost zero odor. Consider the above top picks to care of your home’s indoor air. Your nose will thank you for it. You’ll also receive peace of mind and a light home smelling fresh.

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