How To Whiten Teeth: 7 Effective Ways at Home

“How To Whiten Teeth Naturally”

Did you know that some consumer studies have shown that a beautiful smile not only makes people appear more attractive, it also makes you look appear more successful, intelligent, interesting & wealthy according to studies conducted by Beall Research & Training of Chicago.

With that being said, there is a downside to teeth whitening methods, if you do it incorrectly or if you use certain products, it will ruin your enamel according to more than one study! If this happens, your teeth will become even more yellow color over time due to the dentin (the innermost part of your tooth) being exposed.

The dentin contains a pulp that is yellowish in color and if you ever wondered why some old people have yellowish teeth, it’s because of this! Their enamel has been destroyed and the yellowish color pulp becomes visible. This is also known as tetracycline, which is difficult to bleach.

Whiter Teeth eBook

If you want 100% safe, cost-effective ways to whiten your teeth and keep your teeth healthy and free of bacteria, check out this advice content eBook from dental nurse Lucy Bennett called Teeth Whitening 4 You. Lucy has been a dental nurse and has overseen a number of teeth whitening procedures.

She teaches you many whiten your teeth at home remedies and how to get professional-looking results without damaging your tooth enamel, all based on her experiences and knowledge.

American Dental Association Professionals and Teeth Stains Medical Advice

The American Dental Association knows that the population wants whiter teeth. So, dentist team members study the products, product development, and ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide methods as it relates to the health information.

A whitening product has no effect on implants or porcelain veneers, but you do need to watch the concentrations of peroxide properties, chlorhexidine, and fluoride. It’s also best to try whitening treatments after checkups with your dentist. A DDS can spot bacteria, gum disease, and tooth decay so your mouth is healthy and clean.

They can also provide advice on removing stains from teeth, prevent potential damage your teeth, and discoloration on your teeth. It’s helpful medical advice diagnosis or treatment for gingivitis, bad breath, and pain. You’ll be reminded proper flossing and brushing twice daily that may help get rid of bacteria, too.

Consider advice diagnosis treatment before applying a bleaching agent onto your teeth so it won’t remove surface substances.

Healthy Teeth are Best Candidates

A healthy smile leads to the best smile result because it’s free of bacteria growth, any form of cancer, gum disease, and wounds, which require caution or may need medications. Everything should be clear in the health department before using medically prescribed toothpastes with a high concentration solution of hydrogen peroxide that removes stains.

DMD physicians want their patients to achieve a beautiful smile, but advice diagnosis or treatment come first.

A medical advice session from your dentist helps you achieve whiter teeth, prevents gum disease and protects your tooth enamel with home tooth solution cleaning tips and device use process options based on fact study.

A DMD will tell people that you may need to cut down acids, coffee, or other drinks. Medical advice follows the science that addresses a compound ratio and solution contents in mouthwash, brushing paste for home tooth and veneers cleaning.

Staining Teeth Cause

Before you dive into tooth whitening products like toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, solution tray kits, and mouth rinses with chemicals, consider what’s causing the appearance of stains from teeth and enamel erosion. Is it between your cleanings or is it your medications. Your concerns could be simple or require an appointment for diagnosis.

Drugs and many related chemicals substances also impact staining teeth and tooth color that toothpaste, coconut oil, whitening products, or hydrogen peroxide won’t keep your teeth and surface their best whites. Those stains are almost permanent.

With that being said, below I have listed some other common ways to achieve natural teeth whitening.

1) Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Snow At-Home Whitening Kit is an American made, celebrity-endorsed, and research-driven.

With guaranteed results and different levels, a kit like this could get you the stain-free pearly white teeth that you’ve wanted for so long.

The reason why it works is due to this: their business includes the use of Hydrogen Peroxide gel which is also what a dentist, DDS, uses in-office treatments (1).

Even though this isn’t a “natural” remedy, it’s one of the most effective treatments out there for stubborn surface stains such as tobacco among all the commercial toothpastes and strips.


  • Results guaranteed per session
  • American made
  • Features both a health risk-free serum formula and LED lighting system
  • Good for tooth stains, drinks stains and smoking stain teeth
  • No dentists/doctor necessary


  • Pricier than toothpaste, mouthwashes, and whitening strips
  • Fridge required
  • Potential tooth reactivity and gum irritation experience
  • Limited research
  • Uses Hydrogen Peroxide

2) Oil Pulling

You may be thinking, “Oil pulling? What on earth is oil pulling?”

Oil pulling with coconut oil is basically a traditional Indian countries folk world mouth hygiene remedy that involves swishing oil in your mouth with your saliva to “pull” out the bacteria, food debris like cookies, drink stains, and tobacco gunk that makes your teeth look yellow. As a plus, oil pulling with saliva helps prevent gum disease too.

A number of these factors are preventing you from having a clean and healthy mouth. There is limited data proving how effective oil pulling is overall, though (2).

Any oil works for oil pulling and saliva: coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil. The end game is a cleaner and brighter smile with the use of this natural oil pulling method. No strips, no kits, no mild abrasives, veneers, dentist, appointments, toothpaste, mouthwashes, chemicals, tooth sensitivity; just oil!

Just take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, drink it, and push and pull the oil through your teeth and mouth. Swish, swish, swish! If you want to avoid a gross taste, just use coconut oil. Make sure to spit the coconut oil out in a trash can since it changes into a solid at room temperature after oil pulling. Practice like the Indians do!


  • Oil pulling doable from home or work
  • Can be done daily with one coconut oil tablespoon
  • Coconut oil will not harm your teeth health, enamel, tissue, dentin, fillings, or tooth implants
  • Oil pulling use may be able to prevent stains with practice
  • Decreased bacteria and plaque


  • Not as strong as other solutions
  • Low to medium whitening intensity
  • Not as effective for tooth discoloration and staining
  • Limited data or scientific evidence on oil effectiveness
  • Everyone doesn’t have coconut oil or sesame oil at home, so you’ll have to pick some up

3) Brush with Baking Soda

Chances are you’ve got baking soda sitting around somewhere in your pantry. Baking soda can also be used to help whiten your teeth through brushing according to some researchers. (3)

The gritty texture and chemical makeup of baking soda can slowly but surely help with the cleaning of the coffee, red wine, smoking, and soda surface stains we all have. Plus, the brushing motion coupled with baking soda paste will remove plaque too. This remedy is one of the most effective for these reasons.

Instead of using a whitening toothpaste way, try this out baking soda trick. Just mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water and brush your teeth with the mixture making sure to reach the bottom of the teeth.

Don’t brush your teeth too hard so you don’t irritate the layers of your teeth with the baking soda! If you really want some white teeth, do this several times a week with the same amount of baking soda! You’re basically making your own brushing toothpaste substitute!


  • Cheap
  • Home or work option
  • Helps remove yellowing from teeth.
  • Won’t stain teeth.
  • Gets rid of more long-term tooth stains caused by age with brushing,
  • Will not lead to tooth decay,
  • Helps with plaque


  • Slower results
  • Cannot be done daily due to mild abrasives
  • Can be very abrasive on teeth or mouth on daily basis

4) Apple Cider Vinegar

You might of heard of this acid in the weight loss, fitness, wellness, and beauty space, but it’s one of the many acid foods types that can actually be used for teeth whitening too! (6)

To use this remedy, you can combine two teaspoons of the vinegar with 6 ounces of water to create a mouthwash. No need for any fancy whitening products. All you need is a bottle of the apple cider.

In any case, it’s super important to be careful with this ingredient and similar substances. Why? It’s very concentrated for the outer layer of your teeth if you use too much.

In fact, less is more! If you utilize this way properly, it can help bleach and whiten your teeth gradually to give you a gorgeous smile result!


  • Cheap remedy treatment,
  • House or work option
  • Remove stains and discoloration,
  • KIills more bacteria that cause gingivitis, overall health benefits
  • Process gets rid of drink stains on tooth surfaces


  • Safe or Effective Health Warning: can cause potential dental side effects if too much is used.
  • Needs to be diluted.
  • Potential damage to the layer of tooth enamel.
  • Something that’s harsh for children.
  • No health benefits.

5) Rubbing Lemon, Orange, and Banana Peels

I have to admit that this fruits thing sounds a bit crazy, but it works!

These citrus acid fruits are known to have chemicals like malic acid, citric acid and d-limonene which naturally help whiten your teeth.

Gently rub the fruit peels starting at the bottom of your teeth for 2 minutes. After, rinse and brush your teeth.

D-limonene and citric acid are two proven ingredients available in many fruits.

It’s simple, easy, and won’t require you to go out and buy any products. That’s a fact!


  • Easy to do home remedy or work
  • Won’t stain teeth
  • Doesn’t cause tooth decay or erosion
  • Banana peels harm the enamel layer


  • Less effective treatment for tooth whitening, tooth discoloration.
  • Limited studies with evidence,
  • Cannot be done daily.
  • Warning: Orange & Lemon peels can damage enamel.

6) Eating a Diet of Crunchy Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Many foods and beverages contribute to oral hygiene and tooth whitening. A meal that includes fruits and food with a crunchy texture like broccoli and higher water content are really good for removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth. After all, plaque causes yellow teeth.

Fruits like strawberries, pineapples, and blackberries can only do so much but are foods with tons of antioxidants that are great for your skin and reduce body inflammation.

But, it’s a very smart way to round out your diet and meals with some health benefits that veggies offer and get some bleaching and enzyme properties as a plus! Who doesn’t love a yummy strawberry, pineapple and crunchy vegetables?

Here are some of the many foods (both fruits and vegetables) to try: papaya, pineapple (contains bromelain), strawberries, assorted berries, blueberries, apples, oranges, carrots, celery. A glass of milk or chunk of cheese helps your teeth and mouth, too.

On the subject of food, stay away from drinks like sodas and sugary beverages because they can gray color your teeth and gums. Acidic foods and tea drinks should be limited, too, as well as staining foods.


  • Easy remedy even at work
  • Boosts overall health
  • Diet-friendly fruit and vegetable choices
  • Removes both plaque and teeth stains
  • Won’t stain teeth
  • Can be done daily


  • Less effective than other methods
  • Slower
  • Limited studies with evidence.

7) Activated Charcoal

It can possibly be used to get rid of teeth stains too?

The carbon is really absorbent, using it on your teeth will help remove stubborn stains and yellow plaque as well as bacterial and toxins according to some people. Some studies done by researchers reveal results are minuscule at most (5).

If you want to experiment with this method, you can open a capsule of activated carbon and gently brush your teeth (using a mild toothbrush) with it as if it’s a normal dental paste for two minutes like you would with regular whitening toothpastes. Limit contact with your teeth otherwise.

Now, your teeth may be a bit more sensitive. Instead of being super harsh, you just dab the paste on your teeth and leave it on for 2 minutes.

Use it as more of a tooth mask for that tooth whitening effect! After all, charcoal is one of the biggest abrasives for the teeth, so be gentle!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to spit it and rinse your mouth after.


  • Easy,
  • Removes teeth surface stains and drinks stains with brushing,
  • Helps with tooth discoloration with age, aids in plaque
  • Can be done without dentists,
  • Removes bacteria types,
  • No additional teeth staining


  • Can be more abrasive than other remedies
  • Something that can cause tooth reactions,
  • Limited report, and studies of evidence,
  • Cannot be done daily,
  • Not as effective as whitening toothpaste, strips, or tray.

Online Tooth Whitening Resources

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Make Your Teeth White Conclusion

You have eight natural home tooth whitening remedies for whiter teeth without needing things or service from a dentist like veneers. Your teeth can look like the ones on Getty Images. Remember to teach children to care for their teeth young by brushing and flossing so they can enjoy a healthy mouth without bacteria.

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