8 Mens Golf Club Sets That Actually Perform Well

There are two main ways to acquire golf clubs such as irons. You can buy them one at a time, picking and choosing from classic brands like Callaway, TaylorMade and Wilson, and styles, or you can buy a complete golf set all at once for the best value based on price and money. You are going to invest in a complete set and save, but they’re durable purchases. If you’d like to make a single buy and get everything you need to hit the links with confidence, this article is for you. Each has shipping comparable to Amazon, inc.

How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag?

The United States Golf Association is the body that governs several rules surrounding the game such as handicapping and the number of clubs a golfer can carry in his bag. Each participant is allowed 14 although the complete golf set comes with 12. They generally include three woods, eight irons such as the pitching wedge, and a putter.

The Best Seven Golf Club Sets Plus One

Men who don’t plan on going professional like Tiger Woods can still try to hit a ball like him. Tiger Woods uses equipment sponsored by Nike, and you can, too. To begin, you might consider a few others.

Below, we’ve collected seven complete golf club sets worthy of your consideration. A complete golf club set takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation for beginners and high handicappers who are trying to reduce strokes and mistakes for a better score. Golf is a hard game no matter what club is in your hands but having the right set can make it much more enjoyable. Let’s get started!

1)MacGregor Golf DCT3000 Premium Men’s Golf Clubs Set, ALL Graphite, Right Side, Cart Bag

We start off with a strong all-around option for males. This set has everything you would expect to find, including a 460cc driver, a three wood and two hybrids, and a set of 5-PW irons. You’ll also get a putter with a large clubhead, which is a favorable feature if you tend to be a little shaky on your short putts.


  • Improved swing speed, steel shafts in the irons for stability
  • High MOI putter can improve confidence on short range shots
  • 14-way divider to easily get clubs in and out and storage for valuables


  • Some players may prefer to have two fairway woods and one hybrid
  • Two wedges that are not include are the sand wedge or lob wedge unlike other sets

For Right Side: MacGregor DCT3000

2) MacGregor Golf CG3000 Golf Clubs Set with Bag, Men’s Right Side, ALL Graphite

Beginners don’t necessarily need to use 14 clubs. This set includes 9, but it should be plenty. With a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, a few irons, and a putter, you can start taking trips to the driving range and even book your first tee time. Also, if you are getting into golf for some fitness benefits, the carry bag will help you take on those first rounds on foot.


  • 13* loft on the driver will make it simpler to get the ball up into the air is among the pros
  • Beginners may benefit from the graphite shafts material in all of the woods and irons
  • Mallet putter can help new players get good results on the greens


  • With only 9 clubs, you’ll need more is among the cons
  • Lightweight for carrying, but doesn’t have as much storage pockets if you are going to ride around the course

For Right Side: MacGregor CG3000

3) Ram Golf Accubar Plus Golf Clubs Set – (Includes Graphite Shafted Woods and Irons) – Men’s Right Side

For an affordable set of 11 golf clubs, the Ram Golf Accubar Plus set is worth your attention. This set includes many of the features commonly seen in competing sets, including a 460cc driver, a mallet putter, and a couple of hybrid clubs. The inclusion of head covers means you will need very little else. You can tack on other clubs down the road, as necessary.


  • A sand wedge is included, which is not always the case with these kinds of sets, and it should help your short game become more effective and among the pros
  • Lightweight stand bag allows you to walk the course if you so choose, but it can also be attached to a cart
  • Two hybrid clubs that should be easier to hit than challenging long irons


  • Steel can be heavy for some golfers to swing properly
  • Longest iron is a 6-iron, which could limit versatility as you gain experience and build skills falls into the cons

For Right Side: Ram Accubar Plus

For Left Side: Ram Accubar Plus

4) Prosimmon Golf X9 V2 Graphite/Steel Clubs Set & Bag – Men’s Right Hand

Another all-around performer that you should consider for your golf club set purchase is the X9 V2 from Prosimmon. The focus of this set of clubs is on ease of use for the player, which is a great for the beginner or the golfer who doesn’t have time to log several hours at the practice range. With 12 clubs included, you’ll have everything you need to start building your skills and enjoying this game with friends.


  • Graphite shafts included on the driver and three wood
  • Two hybrid clubs keep you away from needing to strike long irons straight distance is among the pros
  • Rain hood included is a worthwhile bonus for those inclement days


  • Hybrid clubs have steel shafts
  • No sand wedge or lob wedge included in the set falls into the cons

For Right Side: Prosimmon X9 V2

5) Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Mens Graphite/Steel Club Set & Bag

The Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 set includes not only a set of 12 clubs. The stylish stand bag is designed for walking the course, has legs that pop out when it is set down, and there is plenty of room for your various supplies. Also, the dual carrying strap design will make it more comfortable to keep on your back all day. If you are excited to get out on the course and get some exercise while building your skills, take a look at the Palm Springs Golf Visa V2.


  • Cavity back iron design makes clubs easier to hit than models that showcase blade designs
  • Graphite shafts featured in the driver, three wood, and hybrids
  • Head covers included for the four long clubs in the set


  • Players may have a big distance gap between the #4 hybrid and the 5-iron
  • Could be difficult to get off the ground for those with lower swing speeds

For Right Side: Palm Springs Visa V2

6) Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Club Set and Stand Bag

This affordable 9 club set has the basics covered for beginners. Some of the notable features of this set include the 460cc driver, the hybrid that will be able to handle shots from the tee and the fairway, and the all-weather grips. The bag that comes with this set has an automatic stand, making it easy to set down and pick up.


  • Consistent feel throughout the set
  • 35’’ putter will work for many golfers
  • Head cover included for the driver


  • Blade putter figure could be difficult for beginner players to handle successfully
  • Lack of a fairway wood will create a distance gap

For Right Side: Confidence Mens Power V3

For Left Side: Confidence Mens Power V3

7) Ram SGS Mens Golf Clubs Starter Set – Steel Shafts

This set offers the fewest clubs on our list, so it is really targeted to the total beginner who is trying out the game. In this beginner golf clubs set you get a total of six, including a fairway wood, four irons, and a putter. There is no driver here, but since it can be a challenge for beginners to hit, starting without one is not a bad idea.


  • Three wood is a good starting point for a new player to learn
  • Alternating irons allow the golfer to cover distance without needing to practice with too many
  • Inclusion of a sand wedge for learning more shots


  • With only six clubs, growth will be limited
  • Not ideal for full-size courses

For Right Side: Ram SGS Mens

For Left Side: Ram Mens SGS

Lag Shot Club (Must Try)

This is not a set of clubs; it’s a training aid. The Lag Shot training aid is designed to help you develop a feel for that magical ‘lag’ action that all of the professionals have mastered. One of the biggest differences between pro golfers and amateur golfers is the way the pros lag the club into the ball at impact. This training aid could be the missing piece. Check it out today to learn more! More information is beneficial.

Finding A Complete Golf Set on a Budget

Each golf club is its own work of art. That’s why technology updated the game. From irons to woods, the drivers to the putter, each is a sturdy steel package that makes contact with a ball at the sweet spot in the middle one round after another round on the course and links.

To pick the right complete golf club package, you’re looking for irons without sacrificing control. You can step into a store and navigate the classic brands such as Wilson and Callaway. You can check out the custom putters that add stability. Testing is permitted and searching should be an enjoyable experience if you’re on a budget. Ask for feedback and let the associates recommend accessories, headcovers, and perimeter weighted irons and woods as well as the best type for allowing stellar drives.

Buying like flexibility should be enjoyable. It seems expensive and your bank amount might do the deciding, but you are free to explore. Plus, there are affordable, forgiving, and complete irons quality product that promote a straight swing and hit.

The Wilson golf profile might look good on you taking shots on the green. The classic style irons from Callaway or Titleist are always favorable, too, even at their price and weight. For the price, golfers get quality play, distance shots, and a round of competitive match.

A Note on Beginner Clubs

Beginners usually start their game play with slow swing speeds. This golfer is getting to know his complete golf club set and attempting to find each club’s sweet spot. Beginners don’t know yet that you might have to sacrifice control to gain more accuracy or maximum distance. Beginners also have to figure out their body and get to know their lower center. High handicappers have similar characteristics as the beginner.

A golf club designed for beginners offers maximum forgiveness, a huge sweet spot and perimeter weighting. All the well known top brands including Titleist, Wilson, and Callaway acknowledge the different levels and manufacture complete sets accordingly. The Wilson golf profile might be suitable for some play, while TaylorMade suits others.

A slow swing speed is often due to the heaviness of irons and the large driver. A lighter titanium driver helps provide more energy, increased confidence, and lower scores. They help you get out of tricky situations as your game improves. Then, you’ll be ready to make the switch to the clubs that professionals use.

At this point, you’re looking for a large sweet spot, more control, and more distance on the ball. The club face plays an important role in striking the ball a straight distance. The flat club face surface is where the ball meets the club. It’s easy to miss ball and lose confidence.

Golf Clubs and their Components

A complete set has a mix because each club has a purpose including the steel oversized club face. They take into account skill level. Some ensure that women can use them, too.

The pitching wedge helps golfers hit the shot high and short. Wedges replace 9 irons in these situations. Wedges differ from each other, too, because the loft varies. Pitching wedge is best for 15 to 60 yard distances.

Irons wedges are used for a distance that doesn’t exceed 130 yards. Irons wedges are specialized irons. The putter is meant to stroke balls a slow and short distance.

Club heads have several parts including the club face.

Drivers such as the titanium driver are your opportunity to go for complete distance with all your weight behind the swing round after round of playing a match on the links.

Difference Between Men and Women’s Clubs

Manufacturers like Wilson and Callaway produce golf clubs that suit men and women because the genders require different sizing for ultimate performance and ball striking. For women, they’re shorter because the goal is to optimize the swing so the user creates sufficient leverage and pull. The club head shaft offers a higher flex rating for women. There’s also more loft.

The smaller features of the product and shorter height allow the ladies to love and enjoy a round and match on the green, too. Ladies receive complete quality product with optimized flexibility, weight, and grip that’s almost custom made in a box from Wilson and Callaway among others. This includes club irons, pitching wedge, and putter.

Flex helps women succeed with club irons from Wilson and others. Technology is also part of this sector and helps produce the custom lightweight irons. The contact is also forgiving and part of the package for a stable gravity center that leads to accuracy even in rough shots.

A Note on Hybrid Golf Clubs

Technology updated several sectors and industries including golfing. The result is club sets that borrow from the best of the bag irons and woods. Their price is on par with other beginner golf clubs. The style is different because they are more lightweight, forgiving, and oversized in the parts that make an impact like an oversized head. Playing with them provides more confidence, performance quality, and control over distance.

After you build strength, you can move into the irons. When you get comfortable with the irons, custom clubs delivers unmatched precision and performance during a game geared toward ultimate use suited to replace market sets.

Best Mens Golf Club Sets that Actually Perform Well Conclusion

Keep in mind that there are other popular brands to consider such as Callaway, Wilson, and TaylorMade. Titleist is another. When you’re picking out your complete set, golfers should be honest about their swing style, play skill level, and time you can commit to practicing and developing the craft.

Whether it’s your first set, a new set, or an addition, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and the exercise. Golfers gravitate toward names they know like Callway. There’s also a lot more to discover in the irons and woods thanks to technology. A great set will have a nice feel and offer such a wide variety and full array of options that you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you didn’t invest in them sooner. Take a break and go play on the green tees and fresh air with a wood package or irons to fill your need and center.

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