How to Study the Bible

You’ve found a place for God in your life through worship and other acts of service — but perhaps you’ve reached the stage where you want to do more than that. It’s time to study the bible. Some people shy away from studying the bible because the book has almost 1,300 pages. How to study the bible might be easier than you think.

If you’re looking to truly dedicate your life to a faith that you can carry with you every day, you’re searching for God’s word and Christ. So, it might be time to sit down and read the book you’ve been praising, training to study the text and form interpretations and insights for your life.

This might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve only tackled Bible-reading in fellowship groups and no other methods. There are bible study methods and tips. Thru-the-Bible is the perfect match to your spiritual journey and life.

The Best Way To Study

We live our ideal life as a quest for meaning like Christ. Some people seek power in material goods and trivial pursuits, but the enlightenment they get is often bound to crumple at the first sign of adversity. When you work to find an answer beyond yourself, that brings you closer to the light of God, Jesus Christ, and the good news that the scriptures bring.

Bible study group is the most common way to study the bible of all the best methods. Be willing to try anything is a key. The group setting allows individuals to ask questions and seek clarification from the leader of the group. God’s word and message are simple, but a lot happened during Jesus’ journey, the son of God, too.

About the Thru-the-Bible Program

Thru-the-Bible program is simply a top way to study the bible and God. It takes this lofty idea and turns it into a singular goal — a challenge, so to speak. David Shreve (the founder and creator of this program) invites you to read the Bible in its entirety from the beginning pain the span of one year using his bible study program.

To prevent any golden insights from God’s Word from slipping through your fingers, Mr. Shreve has done what no other publisher has attempted to do:  He put the events of the Bible chronologically, as they happen.

With this organization, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive and singular timeline of one of the most sacred texts in world’s history. While others have made basic outlines of the events of the Bible, he has spent 40 years structuring the text so that even the individual Psalms are placed in an estimated historical setting.

It is a program that can easily be used and understood by novices and appreciated by masters, making it the perfect tool for anyone who wants to use the Bible in their quest for deeper guidance.

Reading for Bible Study

Thru-the-Bible arranges Scripture in a way that allows you to read it like a novel, going cover to cover with little trouble. In this manner, you can analyze the Bible and Jesus like you would with a book for school. You can look up cross references and grab a bible dictionary to help you understand what is happening per word. Some might have attended bible studies and devoted study time before they grasped the concepts from the old testament and the new testament.

You might not think that you’d have any use for the skills you used to create those old-fashioned book reports, but while you may no longer be a student of academia, spiritually speaking, school is very much in session. You don’t just want to read your Scripture like a magazine; you want to actually understand what it’s trying to tell you. Will it to happen. If in doubt, engage in a prayer for tools from the Father and Lord. He does give answers to genuine prayer.

Thru-the-Bible Program Resources

The Thru-the-Bible program helps by offering a massive selection of notes and commentaries on hundreds of verses that will help to breath new insight into familiar words, enhancing the teaching that was already there. But if you’d like to study more deeply, there are other strategies you can try, too.

The program also helps you rephrase the verses as you read them. Among the well-known verses is Luke 3 16, but there are so many worthy of recognition, too. This can clear up the language and help your brain to process what is being said. You can also write down any insights that you gain while you read and jot down questions that aren’t answered in the notes provided.

You’re doing more than just reading a verse when you study the Bible, especially when you use the Thru-the-Bible program. You’re using the book as a flashlight to draw attention to what is or isn’t inside of you, for example. And for that, there’s no such thing as too much studying time. You are also strengthening your resolve in Christ.

Understanding Bible Study

We’ve listed some tactics and an example in the previous section that you can use to further your comprehension of The Bible, but what steps can you take to make sure you really understand God’s Word and Christ?

There is an easily remembered tool called the Word Hand that diagrams the five basic methods for learning The Bible.

It goes like this:

  • Hearing
  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Memorizing
  • Meditation

Hearing and reading the word in each verse are easy enough to handle. Studying might take some time, and memorization could be a bit of a hassle. But what about meditation?

Meditation is considered to be the thumb of the Word Hand, as it applies to all of the other aspects of comprehending. Through every process, whether it’s reading Scripture or hearing a sermon, it is vital to really meditate on the lessons you’re hearing.

A Thoughtful Study Guide

To study the bible, open your heart and soul to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God. Word study is going to help you many times and along the way, for example. There are no rules to do it correctly. Have trust and will in God bless and treat the study time, words, and verse like poems or songs.

Reading the bible leads you to truth and Jesus Christ. Each chapter, paragraph, and verse examines lives, love, and the mind. It doesn’t have to pose a challenge. It delivers hope. The scriptures are the key to unlocking hope. It’s there in the letters, books, and bibles. Take the time to study bible as it deserves.

Committing to Bible Study

But will you read more tomorrow? What about in a week or two, when life gets hectic and you find that your mind is occupied by other things? And when the months go by, will that book be tossed aside to gather virtual dust?

This is something you can do. Just like you have it in you to run a marathon or learn a new language, for example, you can do this through sheer will. You just have to commit. It’s a matter of time. What you CAN do requires determination and consistency. You can run a mile, learn a new sentence, read a few Scriptures until what was once a diversion from your day becomes a new part of your schedule. Then, continue to practice your will.

Thru-the-Bible pledges to take you through every page of Scriptures, chapters and verse in the span of the year. This does not mean you’re going to be able to do it automatically. You can buy the program, sit yourself down and read the passages about Adam, Abraham, and Job as you may have done several times before.

It might be hard, but it’s possible, because all things are possible through Jesus Christ. Once you cross that finish line or have that first conversation in a second language, you’re bound to feel a level of satisfaction in your life. But when your year studying the works of God comes to a close, we promise that the fulfillment you will feel will be vast and life-changing. Just commit 100%.

The People in the Bible

During bible book study, you will meet many people within the pages such as Jesus and David. They may seem like a cast of characters, but they are men and women of God as well as disciples. Joseph, Paul, and Moses are a few. Matthew, Peter, and John are others. Parts of the writing and paragraphs are like reading biographies, which give you background.

You walk with Paul, John, and Deborah on their journey in the books of the bible such as Exodus, Hebrews, and Philippians. There is also Genesis, Ephesians and the Proverbs, all which cover their relationships with themselves and Christ.

Their prayers, discipleship, and instructions provide truth, growth and transformation. They set an example through righteousness, command and attendtion to detail, and found power in a simple blessing like Paul and John. There’s a sense of accordance.

Observing Word of God

Interestingly enough, studying the bible leads to different conclusions based on interpretation and observation. There is room for a different interpretation of the chapters and passages. Even thought scholars with a bible dictionary can’t agree on everything. God’s word is life, and you can use any book study method to get there. The point is to have an open heart and receive encouragement. Then, share the teachings, principles, and experience of Christ and the word with others because it is life. Pick one method of instruction to start. Study the ways and steps of the passage. Lean into the study and the passage will reveal itself. The study of Jesus and the passage lives something in you.

In many ways, the word of god is life. It provides instruction on how to live. The subject may seem heavy, but it’s actually food for your soul. The chapters, terms, and application are meaningful for a number of Christians because it’s the gospel. If you feel overwhelmed, the blessings are in the words.

It’s expected to have questions, commentaries, and observation of an account and relationships. Walk in prayer with the Lord and son, and the answers will present themselves to help you understand God, the word and life in bible study.

Touch Lives by Sharing

One method to ensure you are understanding the content, words, and articles is to share with others. It is a Christian thing to do. A verse, chapter, or paragraph can touch someone at the right moment. Hope is something many hold dear. Love to a person is too. The key is to share something that spoke to you. The ways are not as important as the steps because the words are food for your soul.

Readers will find that within the paragraphs of the old and new testament version, answers for the world exist and a case for a course of action. You can become your own ministry.

Questioning the Bible

It’s common to question the author of the bible. Some question the word of God, too. It’s hard to believe that Jesus Christ had that much love for man, one and all. Study the passage and you will see the words. The resurrection and revelation is unfathomable. He is the savior to believers and nothing changes that fact.

Each passage, chapter, and subject details an example, application and matter. The writer may have been a human, but the word of God permeated through him. The words in each chapter and verse are the focus of the author.

Take into account the ideas, note the truths, and access the message in each verse. Feel free to mark your note and issues. Have faith that as you work through the program and pray, pray for clarity, which will be answered by God, his word, and method based on the results of the writer. Don’t be afraid to reach your own conclusions. The book is a safe place even though it poses a challenge and presents ideas.

Thru-the-Bible Program Account

If you decide to create an online account, you’ll need to provide an email address and set the password on the website. The e mail becomes the login. All rights reserved. You can toggle navigation as you browse the offerings including the journal articles, resources and other instructions on various topics. Listen to past sermons, subscribe to the podcast, and find Thru-the-Bible on Facebook.

How to Study the Bible Conclusion

Keep in mind that each person has a different learning curve and pace. No one method is best for everyone. Studying the bible can be a shared experience with a partner or children. Share the story or paragraph that strengthens your relationship with each other, and may God bless it. The bible is read throughout the world.

A number of power words from the passages, verses and example may speak to you like the proverbs in your studies and prayer.

Take the step and make your order today and take that first step down a path to a more fulfilled life. May God bless you.

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