How To Read Palms The Right Way

Palm reading is an ancient art that has spanned continents and centuries. Scientists, explorers, gamblers, lovers – all have tried to uncover the hidden secrets of palm readers. From Aristotle to King Louis XIV, people have been intrigued by this mysterious practice.

Today there are many schools for reading palms, but they often contradict each other about what hand shapes mean. Some techniques say one should ignore certain lines, while others suggest entirely opposite things. If one wants a good understanding of how to read their own hands, it’s vital for them to understand these differences to develop their own technique specific to themselves!

For an effective palm reading, one must understand the basic techniques, including shape, finger length, size, and more. For more knowledge, apart from online tutorials, there are multiple palmist books available in the market that will fill one with extensive knowledge about the art of palm reading! This article will discuss the difference between Greek and Hindu palmistry and how to read palm lines.

Greek Palm Reading

The first technique of reading palms is that hands should be held with their fingers pointing upwards, not outwards or inwards. The thumb then faces away from them while all other fingers face towards one. In a proper Greek reading, one looks at what’s called “mounts,” which are specific areas on each finger based upon its phalange (until now, we have been looking at the basic shapes). These mounts correlate closely with parts of the body so they can tell an individual about their health history and even more!

Hindu Palm Reading

In contrast to Greece, Hindu palmistry says that one should read palms with the fingers pointing towards oneself. There are also mounts on each finger in this tradition, but they have a completely different meaning from Greek interpretation. The first mount is called “the moon,” and it relates to love, marriage, soulmates and even children! Next is the “mount of Mercury,” which correlates closely to intellect and education as well as mental stability. Finally, we have the Sun or Apollo’s Mount, which gives insight into physical strength and health history.

How To Get Started?

If someone is interested in learning how to read their palm, they should find a reputable teacher or school. There are many free online tutorials, but one should be careful because the information can often contradict itself (like Greek and Hindu). One could also ask an experienced friend who has studied before, as long as they know what they’re doing so they don’t misread your lines!

Palm reading is a fun way to better understand oneself on more than just a superficial level. It takes time and practice, so one shouldn’t give up if they don’t see results right away – good things take time!

After having a solid background, one should make some silent observation of their own hands. Here, they need to observe the general and small details of one’s hands, including texture, condition of fingers( manicured or not), among others. Next, they should familiarize themselves with shape elements, lines, and mount and plains.

Hand Shapes

There are four commonly used shape elements in palm reading. These elements are earth, fire, air, and water. Below we will tackle each of these shape elements, their meaning, and how they are applied to reading palms.

1. Earth Hands
Short fingers and square palms characterize these hands. Earth hands and usually known to be solid, fleshy, and firm. When in doubt, they are usually the most reliable in predicting future events in one’s life. If one has these hands, they generally are reasonable people and can be trusted. People see these people as grounded, practical, and logical. The only disadvantage of these people is that they get carried away by current happenings, which is a huge risk because they tend to shift their focus from long-term goals and anticipated achievements.

2. Fire Hands
These hands usually have short fingers and long palms. They are also characterized by well distinctive mounds and creases as well as multiple lines in their palms. People with these hands are usually creative and love to have fun. They are also associated with several positive characters: Philanthropic, hard-working, and optimistic.

3. Water Hands
Also known as chalices or conchas, water hands’ palms and fingers are both long. They also have a narrow outlook characterized by clammy and soft on touch. People with these hands are usually very creative, persuasive, and artistic. They’re also good at math and science. These people tend to be introverts most of the time because they can easily lose focus when it comes to actual work. Another essential trait possessed by these people is compassion and gentleness. When it comes to making decisions, they usually consider everyone’s opinion and feelings!

4. Air Hands
To be termed as having air hands, one’s fingers must be long and bony while the palms square shape. Individuals in this category are described as aggressive, highly intelligent, friendly, talkative, and open to new experiences. They are also associated with having outstanding organizational and analytical. Their only weakness is that their concentration can be swayed away by both internal and external factors like anxiety.

Brief Overview Of Lines In Our Palm

Lines in our palms can be divided into five types:

1. Heart Line (also known as love line)
The heart line starts either under the index or the middle figure all the way to the pinkie figure. This line is directly related to one’s love life – it can also represent how long a person might live or their emotional state in general! This heart line is usually deep, strong, and long. If this doesn’t exist in a person’s palm, they tend to have a very tough emotional life with many challenges in their relationships, so they should keep striving for them not to settle for less when finding true love.

2. Head Line
This line can either be deep or shallow, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is visible, easy to trace, and clean. People with head lines are usually described as very intelligent (most of their thoughts revolve around intellect), independent individuals who seek knowledge throughout their lives. They also have an intuition ability to make sound judgments most of the time – they even act upon them! Head life is found at the center of the palm and is often accompanied by a life line.

3. Life Line
This one is the most critical line in one’s palms which signifies their existence and survival throughout years of living. It can be deep or shallow, but it’s imperative that this one exists because it means one will survive any challenges! Hence, people with weak life lines experience lots of health problems throughout their lives, so they should take care of themselves better than anyone else! This line is located under the thumb.

4. Fate Line
The fate line is a vertical line found at the center o the palm and starts from the wrist. Also known as the destiny line, this line is directly related to a person’s success, level of prosperity, and fortune. People with solid fate lines tend to have very successful lives! They are brave leaders who always put their wants aside to contribute to the betterment of everyone in the community! It also means that the life of those who possess it will be affected by circumstances beyond their control.

5. Sun Line
Referred to as Apollo’s line, sun lines vary in length, position, and depth in different people. In most cases, this line is deep, and it passes vertically across the palm. It generally terminates just below the index finger! Similar to the fate line, the sun line signifies how one will achieve success. If sun line and fate line are parallel to each other or intersecting, this indicates that one’s success will be influenced by external factors. Consequently, if these lines are not anywhere close to each other, this means that one will obtain success based on their own merits. This is not to say that they don’t depend on other people, but they at least have the ability and capacity to become successful all by themselves.

The Mounts

Mounts basically refer to fleshy elevated areas found on one’s palm. In palm reading, these mounts are directly related to a person’s life. Knowing how these areas behave can help one interpret them correctly and give them knowledge on how they should proceed in the future based on the current situation! Mounts show what innate characteristics that one possesses. This technique uses astrology science, which is based on the belief that different planets and stars influence an individual.

1. Mount of Jupiter
Located under the index finger – this mount signifies a person’s drive to be successful in life. If it’s well developed, one can expect great success in their entire lives. People with a well-developed mount of Jupiter are confident individuals who tend to take control over every situation they’re in! They’re also very proud people, so they should learn how to control their pride since there are times when being humble is much better than being boastful! This mount tends to expand as one grows older, so learning how to manage it becomes very important, especially when people get older. If not, these individuals might turn out arrogant and bossy.

2. Mount of Apollo
Designated slightly below the ring finger, a person’s mount of Apollo, a name that is derived from the sun god Apollo, showcases a person’s character as optimistic, ambitious, essence, and significance. People are assumed to use these assets to generate happiness, success, and artistic inclinations. It’s a well-known fact that many artists have this mount. For those who have it, the best free advice is to utilize their talents for good. They are natural-born leaders with the ability to make their mark in life!

3. Mount of Mercury
Below the pinky figure, people with the mount of Mercury can think quickly and analytically. They’re brilliant individuals who are fond of solving problems as well as communicating with other people! In some cases, they also have psychic abilities, so it’s best to keep their minds open to new ways of thinking. Therefore, these are very resourceful individuals who adapt to any situation within no time. They also have excellent social skills, thus able to relate to different kinds of people in society.

4. Mount of Saturn
Anyone lucky to have mount of Saturn situated below the middle figure is equipped with natural wisdom. These people pride themselves on having deep insight into virtually everything that is happening in their lives. Even if they don’t have enough experience, these individuals can use their wisdom and intelligence to make sensible decisions that can help them avoid failed situations! In most cases, wise men who have this mount excel when it comes to dealing with people. They possess the right amount of patience necessary when interacting with other individuals.

5. Mount of Luna
As the name suggests, the moon is responsible for its existence; consequently, this mount denotes one’s intuition – an ability that needs no explanation! People born under this position are highly intuitive, which means they can make insightful guesses about things. It is very hard for them to be manipulated because they can pick up on most people’s lies! This ability helps them develop the right conclusion about every situation, even if it’s not in their best interest. These people also have magic powers and a high level of imagination, thus, making them very creative individuals.

6. Mount of Venus
A mount of Venus can be found at the base of the thumb, which designates one’s love and affection. In ancient times, people believed that this portion of the hand has connections with one’s sexual desires. People with a well-developed mount are very creative individuals who have a certain degree of sex appeal! Furthermore, these people have a high level of endurance, thus able to withstand long hours of operations. They’re also very generous individuals who give importance to other people’s needs more than their own.

These are just but some of the mounts found in palmistry; there are numerous types of mounts that exist in human physiology that depict different characteristics when appropriately analyzed. Individuals with these mounts possess distinctive abilities that allow them to succeed throughout their lives, so learning how to utilize these assets becomes essential, especially in today’s world where competition has become so intense.

Inner Mars, Outer Mars, and Plain of Mars

When it comes to palm reading or chiromancy, a person’s Mars is considered to represent their inner strength. The name itself suggests a connection with war which means this portion of the hand has something to do with how a person will behave in life! People who have different mounts on this area end up becoming aggressive, determined, and ambitious.

Inner mars- Above the thumb is where you’ll find the mount of inner Mars. It’s responsible for a person’s boldness and physical ability. When it comes to sports, these individuals have a certain edge over others. The bigger the mount, the better their physical power is! People with a big inner Mars also have a high libido and high sex drive.

Outer Mars- With outer mars or upper mars, one is known to have emotional bravery and also perseveres through all difficulties. These are the people who are very supportive of other individuals. They support their friends and family no matter how challenging situations become! At times, people with this mount appear innocent, making them get away from bad conditions.

Plain of Mars- At the lower center of one’s palm is where the plain of mars is situated. According to palmists, this is where one’s fertility lies! Furthermore, people with this mount are very protective of the people they love and care about. It makes them protect their family at all costs, even if that means having themselves suffer from anything!

Palm reading is a very sensitive practice that needs to be handled with a lot of caution. If one is not a specialist, they should not dare interpret people’s palms because they may give insensitive information that can lower one’s self-esteem. Experienced palmists, on the other hand, can provide more accurate analyses. They are also very wise and cannot give out information that can negatively affect their clients’ emotional balance.

It is important to note that palm reading does not always give the correct personality of an individual, especially when it comes to the inner dynamics of one’s life and emotions. While it can be used as a general guide, one should always not judge a person’s character based on their mounts. Furnishing one’s home is a much more important consideration!

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