How To Quickly Thaw Ground Beef at Home for Dinner

Thaw Ground Beef Options

To thaw ground beef properly, practice care. If you fail to thaw ground beef (or other poultry) correctly you could be headed for big trouble. If food is left out for more than 2 hours at room temperature (or reaches 40 degrees), bacteria can multiply very quickly!

Below are some methods you can use to thaw your food safely:

Leave beef in a package in the refrigerator. 

Though this may seem counterintuitive, placing frozen meat in the refrigerator is actually one of the safest ways to bring it to appropriate temperature. Temperatures can’t be ignored. All recipes offer a guideline. A thermometer reading is something to consider obtaining; just place it in the appropriate spot.

This defrosting process works especially well if your meat is separated into more smaller batches in freezer zip top bags as opposed to one huge block. You can cook each part as needed. Plus, you can designate each bag for a day of the week according to purchase date. Meats should never be left to thaw at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

Additionally, make sure to place meat on a plate to catch juice leaks or drippings. A large bowl does the trick, too. Raw meat may contain bacteria, so be sure to handle with care. Though the refrigerator bit is the most time-consuming at 12-24 hours, but it has an unexpected perk: if you decide not to cook the ground beef immediately, the thawed meat will stay good in the refrigerated for up to 2 days. Then, cook the meat until it’s completely browned.

Soak in a bag in cold water. 

If you have about an hour of prep time available before dinner is served, defrost the frozen ground beef with the cold water method. Seal your frozen block or part in leak-proof packaging like a plastic bag before submerging it. There are several bag products to consider. Pick the one that is most convenient for you.

When using the tap water method, be sure that the H2O is not warm or hot; hot water will warm up the outermost layer too quickly, which can cause harmful bacteria to grow. Change the liquid every 30 minutes of soaking or use ice cubes so the pool doesn’t heat up. Cold water is a must.

Microwave it on low power. 

Using a microwave to thaw frozen ground beef isn’t highly recommended. However, some days, you simply won’t have the time to refrigerate or soak. On days like this, remove all of the packaging, put the frozen meat on a microwave safe plate, and defrost the meat for 2 to 3 minutes at 50% power. For best results, stop the defrost setting every 45 seconds or so to rotate and flip. Be sure you don’t let it go too long as it could start to cook.

Keep in mind that microwave wattages vary, so stay in close view and keep a watchful eye. You can try the defrost settings, which last 1 to 2 minutes on some models and 3 to 4 minutes on others. Reading the accessibility guidelines is a good idea because more than one pound may take longer. The defrost setting information and guideline may be found on the microwave box. The goal is to prevent dehydration, too, which leads to crumbly meat drip bits on the edges and less juice-filled meat. Meat juices are enriching ingredients.

Looking for a Better Solution?

Let’s face it—whichever traditional strategy you choose, thawing ground beef is a hassle. Having to wait long periods of time before your meat is able to be cooked can drastically affect your dinner plans and take your time and attention away from more important aspects of food preparation. Preparing your ingredients and favorite recipes at home should be fun.

Luckily, home chefs no longer have to choose undesirable, outdated methods to defrost ground beef. Use the Raven’ Thaw defrosting tray and you’ll never have to wait over half a day for ready-to-cook ground beef ever again.

Raven’ Thaw tray specifications

With a variety of sizes designed for anything from ground beef to chicken to frozen vegetables, you’ll never feel limited by thawing times or different needs. The Raven’ Thaw tray is 6mm thick, which is double the thickness of most similar trays, and features deeper and wider draining channels for a safe and effective thaw. The tray’s aluminum design naturally extracts the cold from your protein, thawing it completely without the use of electricity or water. You can cook the meat immediately thereafter, or leave it in the refrigerator up to 2 days.

Blazin’ Thaw defrosting tray benefits

Gone are the days of waiting around for hours for your ground beef to thaw. Cut your thawing time in half today when you use the Blazin’ Thaw defrosting tray. Grab those recipes you saved from your favorite magazines. It’s time to love cooking. Some recipes call for a skillet. Others a rolling pin. In any case, use the thawing tray, too. Gather your ingredients, flavor package and box of recipes. Set down a plate, bowl and dish for every family member and distribute shares of the yummy entrée.


There are several ways to defrost and thaw ground beef. Use the Raven’ Thaw tray to make it easier. There’s no need to worry about settings and bacterial growth. Place all your beef contents on the tray and watch it work.

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