What is the best hand sanitizer soap on the market?

Keeping our hands clean throughout the day is challenging. And it is even more so when it comes to the little ones in the house. Therefore, it is vital to have a good actibacterial soap that helps us in cleaning our hands  and our entire body. Enhancements to these products not only remove grease and dirt, but also destroy germs and pathogens, slowing their reproduction for many hours.

Soap is one of our first defense barriers to combat all kinds of infectious diseases, especially the corona virus  . In this article we present the ranking of the five best liquid hand soaps. You can also learn some important concepts about the Covid-19 and tips to combat it.

IMPORTANT: Before choosing any product, we recommend that you confirm updated recommendations to prevent the disease with official health sources. On this website, we only carry out a comparison of products that can help you reduce the risk of infection, but we are not experts in the field. .

Here are the main WHO recommendations: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

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Tips for choosing a good antiseptic soap to eliminate viruses

If you want to know which hand sanitizer liquid you should buy, we invite you to follow the advice that we leave you below:

  • Function: Before choosing your antibacterial soap, you must take into account the protection it gives you and the action time.
  • Ingredients: Check that you are not allergic to any of its components and see which is its main active agent to gauge its potency. It prefers those formulated from natural substances and oils.
  • Quantity: Take into account the number of people who are going to use the hand antiseptic, as well as the frequency of use. There are presentations from 50ml (for personal use) to 1000ml.
  • Quality: There are many soaps to eliminate viruses on the market. Always prefer those from recognized manufacturers and free of parabens that harm your skin or the environment.
  • Price : Although cost always matters, remember that paying a little more will allow you to have the best product. Although many famous firms also offer antiseptic hand liquids at low cost and of very good quality.
  • Third party opinions: Consult those who have already tried the product, they will give you a better idea of ​​what you are going to wear.

How much money should I spend on antibacterial soap to avoid infection?

The price will vary depending on the type of disinfecting liquid you are looking for:

  • The cheapest hand sanitizer soaps  cost around € 10
  • The best quality antibacterial soaps average  € 30 because they provide you with additional components for skin care and more powerful disinfecting ingredients.

Top 5 hand sanitizing soaps against covid-19

Antibacterial disinfecting gel Ultra Therapeutic Soap with Tea Tree Oil Purifying Anti fungal Anti Acne 500 ml - Bath Gel - Shower Gel

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This ultra moisturizing soap from the Bleumarine Bretania line is a   sanitizing gel , ideal for the shower . With it you can disinfect your hands and your whole body , including your face. It prevents and eliminates acne, fungi , among many other bacterial agents that could harm your health, including Covid-19 . Wash your hands frequently to avoid contagions.                                     

Thanks to its main component of tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) with antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects , it acts on your skin leaving it completely clean and smooth for much longer. It comes in a 500ml presentation to use on all skin types .

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon .

What addressees other buyers?

“This soap is really quite hydrating. My husband and I use it every day for showers. I love that it can be used as an intimate soap too, it doesn’t give me any kind of itchiness or irritation.”

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If you want to take care of your skin from germs and bacteria, Neutral Roberts brings you this antibacterial liquid soap . Its preservative-free formula   is made from   green tea that guarantees its antifungal and antibacterial properties . You can have germ-free skin naturally and without damage.

Its 299 gram bottle will allow you to carry it wherever you want, in your purse or purse, to sanitize when you need it to prevent diseases such as Coronavirus .     

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What addressees other buyers?

“I have been using this liquid soap for more than five years and I can properly say that it is excellent. For me it is the best antibacterial that has ever come onto the market. I recommend it 100%.”

ISDIN Germisdin Original Body and hand hygiene, Body wash with antiseptic agents, 1000 ml

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If you are looking for more protection in your personal hygiene ISDIN Germisdin is what you need. This non-soapy bath gel has antiseptic properties to cleanse your body and hands .

Its slightly acidic PH does not damage the natural layer of fat that protects your skin and has a disinfecting effect on germs and bacteria that can affect your health. It will keep you protected for much longer, especially if you are exposed in public places such as gyms, swimming pools, nightclubs, hospitals or with patients at home.

Its 1000ml presentation provides you with a good amount of doses to keep you safe from diseases like Covi-19 . Recommended for delicate skin.

Take a look at its availability and price in Amazo n .

What do other buyers think?

“We started using a root from my husband’s operation, the doctor recommended washing the wound with a neutral soap. Searching among several options, we decided on this one. We feel so good that to this day we continue to use it all home. It is very yielding and removes easily. The best thing is that it does not dry out the skin. “


Yoffee - Antibacterial and Antiseptic Shower Gel, for Body, Hands and Feet, Shower Soap, Prevents and Eliminates bacteria, Moisturizes, Calms and Eliminates bad odors, Paraben Free, Vegan, 300ml

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To eliminate and prevent bacteria throughout your body, the cosmetic brand Yoffee offers you this ideal antiseptic and antibacterial shower gel for the shower or to wash your hands. It is an excellent barrier against infectious diseases such as SARS , H1N1 or the corona virus .

With this vegan liquid soap you can keep your skin more hydrated and free of bad odors, irritations, inflammations and itching . It is totally natural and does not contain chemical preservatives .  

It is made with tea tree, castor, eucalyptus, coconut, jojoba and mint oils ; leaving a fresh aroma. It comes in a 300ml bottle. Recommended for sensitive skin .

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What addressees other buyers?

“I use it daily, especially in my armpits and cakes, it is great to eliminate bad odors. It was recommended by several friends and everyone who has used it, has been happy with this bath gel. Of course I recommend it.”

5. Smyidel

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In these times where contagious diseases such as Covi-19 are so frequent, we must be more careful with hand hygiene. Sumvidel , always thinking about your health, brings this automatic soap dispenser . Its infrared motion sensor will shoot the liquid when it detects your hands, without the need for you to press anything.

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, schools, doctor’s offices, offices, hotels, restaurants or any place where many people circulate. It has a capacity of 350 ml and its system dispenses the right amount of soap to avoid waste .

It is made of waterproof synthetic material resistant to water, humidity and leaks ; beautifully finished to look anywhere. The soap container is transparent to observe its contents and represent at the right moment. Designed with high durability Japanese technology. It is silent and does not need installation . Suitable for all kinds of soapy or bactericidal liquids. It takes up little space (21.1×10.9x8cm), is light (318g) and portable. It works with AA pillar.

Check its availability and price on Amazon .

What do other buyers think?

“This dispenser is very practical, I like it because I can take it to the area of ​​the house that I want. And if I have dirty hands I don’t need to touch it to pour soap on me, I put my hands under the dispenser and that’s it. It seems very good product.”

Buying Guide What disinfecting hand soap to buy?

How to prevent the risk of contagion using a hand antiseptic?

In addition to the quality of antibacterial soap, it is also important that you use it to sanitize your hands correctly and frequently.

  1. Properly clean your hands: Remember to moisten your hands, apply a little liquid soap to your palm and then rub your hands, between the fingers internally and externally, wash the thumbs, the tips of the fingers and finally the wrists.
  2. Frequently wash your hands : Use soap and water at least 8 times a day to sanitize your hands; especially if you go when you go eat or cook. You should also exercise caution when you have been in possibly contaminated places. Always sanitize your hands when you get home.
  3. Buy high protection soaps : Always look for antibacterial soaps that guarantee greater protection.

How does soap help eliminate viruses?

Viruses are sections of genetic material protected by a protein envelope. Antiseptic hand soaps break down the layer that protects them, degrading their DNA chain and destroying their infectious capacity. In addition, it facilitates its elimination during rinsing with water.

When should I wash my hands?

Whenever necessary. When you get home, before each meal, if you are going to cook, if you are going to play with your children, or when you consider it appropriate. Experts recommend doing it 8 times a day at least.

Do antiseptic soaps work against viruses like covid-19?

Disinfectant fluids will not be able to destroy the virus once it is in your body through your mucosa. However, they are the best weapon of prevention and care of your health. The corona virus is easily destroyed if you sanitize your hands with liquid soap properly and frequently.   

Other ways to avoid contagion by coronavirus

You follow the rules below to keep you safe from this dangerous pathogen:

  1. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth or nose with your elbow flexed so that you do not contribute to spreading the virus through the air.
  2. Avoid touching your mucosa . Before touching your mouth, nose or eyes, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soaps of proven efficacy.
  3. Use towels if you have any type of discharge (nasal, saliva, tears, etc.) and be sure to dispose of them in the trash.
  4. Avoid physical contact. Minimize physicality with other people (hugs, kisses, drinking in common hallways, sharing drinks, etc.) to avoid the transmission of viral agents between the two.
  5. Abide by restrictions . If health or government authorities order quarantine, stay home and don’t expose yourself. If you have to go out forcibly, avoid crowded places and try to stay 1 or 2 meters from people. Always wear face masks.
  6. If you come into contact with possible carriers, you should sanitize your hands immediately using gel or antibacterial towels.
  7. When you get home from work , shopping, or any activity outside your home, you should disinfect your hands with a good antibacterial soap (and if possible your entire body) before interacting with your family members.

Advantages of disinfecting your hands frequently

Our hands are the first are our main vehicles of contamination. So by keeping them germ free we can avoid the spread of diseases and infections like Covid-19.

What are the advantages of using an antiseptic hand liquid? Its advantages are:

  1. You will take care of your health. By keeping your hands clean, you will be less likely to get sick from virosis.
  2. Avoid contagion . When you wash your hands, cut the chain of spread of virosis and bacterial infections.
  3. You can touch your face. We touch our faces countless times a day unconsciously. By sanitizing your hands correctly and with specific disinfectant soaps, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How is coronavirus or covid-19 transmitted?

In order to be able to beat the coronavirus, the most important thing is to know its propagation strategies:

  1. The virus spreads when a carrier coughs or sneezes, and some of its secretions spread throughout the environment, depositing on surrounding objects or on other people.
  2. Then, a healthy person comes into contact with these secretions generally through the hands and in very few cases through breathing.
  3. The virus reaches the mucosa when we touch our face, eyes, nose or mouth; since you use these humid zones as doors to enter the organism.
  4. The new infected resumes the transmission cycle by sneezing or coughing, perhaps ignoring that he is ill and has no symptoms.

As the days go by, the transmission, incubation and development behavior of the Covid19 becomes more fully understood. We must be aware of new information emanating from official health agencies, such as: The WHO (World Health Organization) or the Ministry of Health.

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