What is the best motorcycle trunk under 200 on the market?

When you own a motorcycle, having a dedicated space for carrying personal items, grocery shopping, or storing helmets is very important whether you are going on a long road trip or for everyday use you should have one on your motorcycle.

Currently there are many trunks for motorcycles in different materials, designs, models, sizes, functions, you just have to find the one you like best and adapt your motorcycle . Choosing the best motorcycle trunk should not be taken lightly as it directly affects your comfort, convenience and even safety.

So, to help you a little to decide what motorcycle trunk to buy and some factors that you should take into account , we have prepared this guide with a ranking of batteries, so that you can read it and you can search and decide which is the one that best suits you and your motorcycle.

Tips for a choosing good motorcycle trunk under 200

To know which motorcycle trunk you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each:

  • Materials: First of all, it is important to be clear about what type of motorcycle you have and will be your route. The trunks for bikers come in many materials, which, according to your needs, you must choose. They are available in aluminum, resistant hard plastic or different textiles; all that is the same function of having space for you to store what you want.
  • Resistance : You must bear in mind that this type of product will always be exposed to the meteorological conditions of the place where you are, so it is recommended that it be waterproof, resistant to the sun and dust .
  • Locking: Everything should be a good locking system to prevent your belongings from getting out during the trip and to protect from strangers at stops and parking lots where you will leave the bike.
  • Capacity: Since you want more space, the temptation of a large trunk that can fit many things and fill it to its maximum capacity, is a lot, we know. But you should bear in mind that this has negative effects since you can change the center of gravity and make the motorcycle too heavy, causing accidents. Choose the one that best suits you and the bike.
  • Safety : Finally, pay close attention to the method of securing or tying the trunk, either with screws or straps, ensure it very well so that the trunk does not fall in the middle of the road and delay the journey.

How much money should I spend on my motorcycle trunk

It depends on what you want, find very different prices, try to set a budget and choose the one you really need.

  • Cheaper motorcycle suitcase (less than € 50) – For this price range, you can find products that will undoubtedly provide you with the space you wanted so much but made with materials that are not very durable.
  • Best quality motorcycle suitcase (more than € 50) – Quality, resistance and durability is what you can find in this price range. You can trust these products will not leave you with your belongings on the road.

What motorcycle trunk under 200 to buy?

1. Top Case Universal

Todeco - Universal Top Case, Motorcycle Case - Material: PP - Size: 59.5 x 43.5 x 31 cm - Black, 52 Liter (s)

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This model is adaptable to almost any motorcycle, scooters, quads, or mopeds, made of extremely strong and durable plastic Has a large space in a stylish r , save you from two helmets or buying super, you have no storage problem with this product.

Security will not be a problem since it has a secured locking system that keeps your belongings safe. It also has a large reflector panel considerably improving your safety on the road, assembling and disassembling it will be as simple as fitting and adjusting the screws.

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What addressees other buyers?

“It is extremely spacious and very resistant, I had time looking for a product with these characteristics. Assembling it was quite simple for me, best of all, it looks really good on my bike.”


2. KGR52 Garda

Kappa KGR52 Garda Monokey Trunk, 52 Liters Volume, with Aluminum Cover, 10 Kg Load

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This is the largest and most spacious model in the garda line, have the possibility to store up to two helmets and your personal items in this café. It is made of high quality materials and resistance, it also has an aluminum cover that makes it even more resistant to any type of damage.

Its installation does not represent a big problem since it has a patented system by the brand called Monokey which guarantees that its installation can be done with a single key, its opening and closing system is another great success that has become one of the models safest on the market. It is ideal for large and robust motorcycles.

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What addressees other buyers?

“The quality of its construction materials is amazing, I am enormously delighted with this coffee I bought it since I was going to take a tour with my friends and, the truth is that from the day I installed it without it, the need to dismantle it. bring all my belongings and the extra helmet in the “


3.  VidaXL Porter

vidaXL Luggage Storage Box Motorcycle Helmet 36 L Black Luggage Motorcycle

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Another incredible model made of high quality polypropylene that is extremely resistant to water, sun and weather , is one of the most compact but they have the ability to store your helmet and personal items easily. You can install it on any type of motorcycle since it is universal, in addition it will be extremely easy to install.

It is extremely easy to disassemble thanks to its quick release system, accessories are included with your purchase so you can assemble yourself as well as  2 keys to open and close the chest. Additionally, it has an integrated reflector, ideal to increase your safety and visibility on the road considerably.

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What addressees other buyers?

“It is just what I was looking for a model not too big to store my helmet and some belongings, it adapted excellently to my motorcycle in addition to mounting it and it was an extremely simple task. It did not take me more than 10 minutes, I recommend it”


4. ​ Top Case 46 LT

A-pro Top Case 46 LT Universal Motorcycle Trunk, Quick Release, for Motorcycle and Scooter, Silver Color

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If you are looking for a trunk for your motorcycle or scooter that is very resistant and with a large capacity interior to store your helmet, that of your companion and a couple of other things, you may be facing the indicated one. Its lockable Top box storage system will be ideal for keeping all your belongings safe.

It has two ideal side reflectors to increase your safety and visibility at night, it has a grid for the mounting plate, thus ensuring that everything fits perfectly. Bring an instruction manual to make its installation as simple and fast as possible.

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What addressees other buyers?

“It looks really good on my bike and it is spacious enough to store the helmet and all my personal items. It exceeds all that it promises and is extremely resistant since it hit it a few times inadvertently and without dents”


5. Universal Motorcycle Trunk XXL

TRESKO® Universal XXL motorcycle trunk suitcase for two helmets, 48 ​​liter capacity, universal topcase, for scooters, motorcycles, mopeds and quads, lock with two keys

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Last but not least we present you this model, it is extremely spacious inside easily from two helmets to purchase, supports up to 5k in weight without any problems. Its construction materials are durable and of a high quality, thus guaranteeing a long useful life.

It has a universal mounting plate that can be installed on any luggage rack, it also has an ideal reflector to increase your visibility. Installing is not a complicated task for you since you only need an allen wrench and an open-end wrench for installation . It is safe and protected against thieves.

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What addressees other buyers?

“Just the model I was looking for, with a large storage capacity to keep my personal belongings safe and it is also an accessory that works very well on my bike. I have no complaints, I highly recommend it.”


How to use a motorcycle trunk?

Installing and using this type of product is very easy, but if you have any questions, below we will mention some steps for its use.

  1. Place – The first thing you should do is install the trunk on the motorcycle, put it in position and screw it very well.
  2. Check – Before storing your belongings, it does not hurt to check the condition of the trunk, that it is in the proper position and that it does not have any damage that may cause damage.
  3. Save – Open the trunk and enter what you want to take with you. Remember not to fill it to the max.
  4. Enjoy – Close and enjoy the wind and the road.

Best motorcycle trunks under 200 brands

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • Shad – Brand with more than 25 years in the market, dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of motorcycle products from seats to backrests. Their trunks for motorcycles are very varied and of very good quality.
  • Givi- Brand with more than 40 years, created by a professional motorcycle rider, its catalog is very wide and varied, with everything necessary for bikers. The suitcases they manufacture are among the most durable and reliable on the market.
  • Kappa- Since 1956 they specialize in manufacturing excellent quality motorcycle accessories, since then they have remained one of the best brands on the market.

Where can you buy a motorcycle trunk under 200

If you want to make a smart purchase, you should look at the best places, so we will leave you the most recommended stores, you can not stop reading the following information.

  • Trunk for bikers in Amazon – In Amazon you will find all kinds of products with a wide variety of models available in all of them, it is one of the online companies with the most reputation worldwide thanks to its shipping system and its return system. Do not hesitate to look for this type of accessory you will find all the models available in the market.
  • Trunk for motorcycles in Carrefour- This store is mainly focused on the sale of electronic products, mobiles, smart televisions, fashion for the whole family, among others, do not hesitate to stop by its DIY and car section to check the availability of this type of products. They may not have a wide variety of models.
  • Motorcycle suitcase in Lidl- Chain of stores where you can find everything from food, fashion, household items, you may find a model available for this type of item. But it is not guaranteed that they have these types of products.

Advantages of using a motorcycle trunk

We recommend that you do not stop reading the benefits and advantages of having these types of elements.

What are the advantages of using a motorcycle trunk? Its advantages are:

  1. Space for you to keep what you want , helmets, clothes, shopping.
  2. Make your bike stand out wherever you are.
  3. They are practical, safe and reliable .
  4. You can install and uninstall it as many times as you want.
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