What is the best motorcycle seat cover on the market?

One of the problems that can present when leaving your motorcycle exposed to the sun’s rays, is that it can overheat and until you can burn at the time of the session , that’s why different types of protectors or covers have been manufactured to the seats.

Currently there are many brands and models that can serve your motorcycle but you must select the one that best suits you, so that you will not experience discomfort when using it. There are some more resistant than others and they can be left permanently.

If you have no idea how to choose your seat cover  , be sure to check the options that we are leaving as they can serve as a guide and so you can  discover it is the model that best suits your motorcycle  and the budget available for it.

Tips for choosing a motorcycle seat cover

To know which cover you should buy you should take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Size: It is one of the first things that you should review before selecting the foundation model, since you should buy the one that best suits your seat because you do not want to create discomfort when using it.
  • Usefulness: To determine its usefulness you must establish what it is for use, if it is for daily use or if it is only as protection while you wash the motorcycle. This can be defined if you can buy something of average quality or something more resistant.
  • Resistance: You must verify what is the resistance of the materials used to manufacture the cover, since not all are resistant to water and not all can withstand inclement weather or the sun. So it is important that you take into account the quality of the materials .
  • Ease of Installation : Most of these products are easy to install , however you must ensure that you understand how to position it and whether it conforms to the specifications of the seat you are required to put it on.
  • Useful life: it also has to do with the resistance of the product, while the greater sea has a useful life, so try to buy those that are made with the best materials.

How much money should I spend on my case?

This is one of the most important characteristics of the product, since the price has a direct relationship with its quality. Normally it is recommended to buy those that have a good quality / price ratio as this gives a guarantee of how effective the product can be.

  • Cheaper covers (less than € 16) – The covers you get below this price may protect the seat but cannot keep a journal because they are less resistant and can be damaged quickly. If you need something of higher quality you are going to have to make a greater investment.
  • Better quality covers (more than € 16) – All the products that you can find above this amount are highly resistant to daily use and weather conditions, so you should choose carefully so that the product you buy really meets all quality requirements.

What motorcycle seat cover to buy?

1.  Givi S210

Givi S210 Motorcycle Cover

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There are more and more products that this brand brings to the market, as they are very useful and resistant. This cover is ideal to cover the seat of the motorcycle, it protects it especially indoors, it is quite resistant to dust and moisture. The size is large and therefore it is suitable for large seats.

It can be attached very well both from the front and the rear, so it is not very easy to remove, it is highly recommended to protect the motorcycle when you wash it and it adapts well to scooter models, its price is quite consistent with respect to The product quality.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon .

What addressees other buyers?

“It is a good cover, easy to fit and it fits very well. Protect the seat well from water and dust, I totally recommend it”

Waterproof cover for 50, 125, 150cm, 200 and 300 cc XL scooter seats

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It is a cover ideally designed to protect the seats of motorcycle scooters, it is waterproof and it adapts very well to the seats thanks to its elastic edges, however there are different sizes for you to buy the one you need.

The seams are very resistant since they are heat sealed, the material is practically unbreakable, it is compatible with many brands and therefore it is very easy to use. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth with soap or a special cleaner for this type of fabric.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What addressees other buyers?

“At first I thought it was only for scooters but it suited my bike very well, it had various sizes available and it was very easy to clean, really a great product”

3. 91432

Lampa 91432 Air-Grip, Maxi-Scooter Motorcycle Saddle Cover, L (74 x 100 cm)

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The Lampa motorcycle saddle cover is quite good since it has an optimal open-cell design so that air can circulate freely, this helps the breathability of the fibers in addition to the thermal insulation.

It has a very good grip since it is non-slip , also resisting against dust and moisture that it can have in the environment or from use. It can be placed quickly and very simply, it is very well adjusted with the velcro strips that it has. Its maintenance is very practical.

Take a look at its availability and price in Amazo n .

What addressees other buyers?

“I would recommend the product and I am very satisfied, it really lowers the temperature of the seat thanks to its protection from the sun, it fits very well and aesthetically it looks good. 100% recommended”

4.  125 / 250cc

Seat Cover Scooter or Motorcycle Seat Yamaha Xmax 125 / 250cc

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This product is very easy to install because it adjusts quickly to the seat, it is made of elastic lycra that is very resistant, making it very effective for protecting the chair from daily use, the difference with other functions on the market is that it does not It is waterproof but it is strong enough.

It fits very well thanks to its elastic rubber so it can be placed very quickly . It also has several holes in the back that have a perfect match with the anchor of the chair closure. It helps to lower the seat temperature and therefore you will not get burned when leaving your scooter in the sun for a while.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What addressees other buyers?

“It is a very adaptable cover, it has good quality and keeps it firm on the seat after it has been placed, I really liked it because it can be easily put on and taken off. I recommend it without any doubt”

Seat Cover Scooter or Motorcycle Suzuki Burgman 125cc

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This is a product that will definitely help you solve the problem of heating the motorcycle seat, helps protect it from the sun and thanks to its breathable fibers the temperature does not rise abruptly and the exposed surface does not overheat.

The material of the cover is elastic lycra so it can be easily adjusted to the seat , in addition to having elastic rubber to ensure that it does not fall out of the seat. It has holes to adjust to the seat anchorage so it is difficult to remove it from the seat while you are not near the motorcycle.

Check its availability and price on Amazon .

What addressees other buyers?

“This cover has fitted my Suzuki very well, it is flexible and stays in place. Its fabric is flexible but protected from dust and sun, it really is very efficient. A great purchase”

How to use a motorcycle seat cover?

These products can be placed in a simple way, if you have not used any, we will leave you some steps so that you can use them without problems.

  1. Unfolds the seat cover – All products of this type come folded, so you must take it out of its package and extender to verify that the size is appropriate.
  2. Place it on the seat – After checking its size, place the base on the seat and start covering all the parts of the seat, so you can adjust it so that it does not come off.
  3. Adjusts to the seat – Look if it has holes that fit the seat hook, also if the elastic rubber was well adjusted so that it is a protector for daily use, you can not get out of its place so easily.
  4. Use the seat – You can now use the seat without problems, whether you are going to ride the motorcycle or you are going to wash it, check that it protects the seat.

Best brands of motorcycle saddle cover

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

  • KKmoon– This is one of the most found brands on online platforms regarding this type of product, since they are very versatile and can be adjusted to many vehicles, without a doubt they are a great alternative to protect the seat of your motorcycle.
  • Favoto– These brands have become known thanks to the fact that their products have a good quality / price ratio, are available in many stores and meet the needs of users, which is why they represent a good option.
  • Vosarea– The products of this brand are of very good quality and resistance, which is why they remain among the best sellers, their prices are affordable and they have a wide variety of models, so you will surely get something that meets your requirements with their seal.

Where can you buy a motorcycle seat cover?

It is very common that you get these covers on the most used online platforms, so we have made a review so that you can have good information about the places where you could find your product with greater security.

  • Amazon Cases – On this platform you will find the brands that we mention and more since it has the largest variety in the market in terms of models and prices, so it is one of the best options for you to review and select the product.
  • Carrefour seat covers – Here you will find a large number of products of this type, you may not get many well-known brands but if you are going to find any of the ones we have mentioned, that’s why do not hesitate to check their catalogs.
  • Leroy Merlin Seat Cover – Perhaps this is not a good platform for you to make your purchase since there are practically no car seat covers so it is better to focus on other stores.
  • Lidl saddle cover – Here you will not find a good variety of seat covers either, it is good to take a look at their catalogs as there are several accessories that can be very useful for your motorcycle.

Advantages of using a motorcycle seat cover What are your strengths?

There are many benefits that can be obtained from using seat protectors, so it is a good idea to start using it and enjoy the advantages that we mention below.

What are the advantages of using a seat cover? Its advantages are:

  1. Protects the seat from the sun and dust.
  2. Some are waterproof.
  3. They improve the grip of the seat.
  4. They are easy to put on but are tightly adjusted so they don’t come off.
  5. They are good value for money.
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