Best Mattress: Top Rated Beds of 2021

Best Mattress: Top Rated Beds of 2021

Buying a mattress is a lot like flying in the dark.

You probably vaguely know what you want. At the very least, you know what you want to do with it.

You want to sleep on it, and sleep well.

You know how the process is supposed to end.

And yet, making the actual purchasing decision is difficult.


Because most people aren’t the best ‘mattress experts.’

They know that they want to pick something comfortable, but they aren’t sure how to get from ‘shopping’ to ‘buying’ without spinning their wheels.

There are, admittedly, a lot of mattress types to choose from. And finding the right one for your sleeping experience can present a range of tedious challenges.

Some of us are back sleepers and some are stomach sleepers. Some want a pillow top while others prefer a firm mattress.

How do you decide the best mattress to pick to meet your needs and which won’t make the cut?

Do you opt for a medium or soft mattress? Latex or coil design? And what about this thing called a mattress in a box?

So in this post, you’re going to learn about the 21 best mattresses on the market, ranked from top to bottom, to guide you to the very best mattress options for your bedroom, guest room, or suite whose cost fits your price point.

Don’t worry. Your mattress shopping experience doesn’t have to be a ‘pain in the neck.’

Just browse this list, find the one that sounds best, and go for it.

In This Article – 21 Best Mattresses

  1. NaturalForm Garden
  2. Silk And Snow S&S
  3. The Saatva Classic
  4. DreamCloud Sleep
  5. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid
  6. Plank Hybrid
  7. EcoSleep Hybrid
  8. Nectar Memory Foam
  9. Sleep EZ Sleep Hybrid
  10. Plushbeds Hybrid Latex
  11. The WinkBed
  12. Nora (by Wayfair Sleep)
  13. Idle Sleep Hybrid
  14. Naturepedic Chorus
  15. My Green Mattress (Natural)
  16. Eco Terra Hybrid Latex
  17. Layla Sleep Hybrid
  18. Bed In A Box
  19. GladGrid Original
  20. Latex For Less Latex
  21. Puffy

1. NaturalForm Garden Mattress


Price: $1,195 – $2695

Available In: twin (and xl), full, full xl, queen, king (and split), Cal king (and split Cal).

Firmness Levels: Adjustable firmness with exterior, dual-sided dials

Trial Length: 100-night trial period, and 10-year limited warranty

NaturalForm has been designing and creating innovative mattresses for more than 30 years. They’re one of the most trusted brands in the mattress industry, and their Garden Mattress is one of their best selling offerings.

Featuring a Patented Pressure Relief System, the mattresses contain air chambers that respond to subtle movement to offer some of the best relief for side sleepers and back sleepers suffering from back pain.

You also have the power to control the firmness of the mattress, without the need for electricity, motors, or pumps so each sleeper can adjust according to their needs.

The mattresses are covered with merino wool, an active fiber that helps with temperature regulation. It’s known for keeping you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

And last but not least, they’re trusted in thousands of hotels around the world. They’re simple, elegant, and incredibly comfortable. If you’re hunting for the best mattresses, look no further.

2.  Silk And Snow S&S Mattress


Price: $450 – $750

Available In: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Medium

Trial Length: 100-night trial, and a 15 year limited warranty

Silk And Snow is a newer mattress brand, founded in 2017. They pride themselves on creating the best mattresses you can buy with superior materials, conscious manufacturing practices, and being fully transparent in their customer service.

And we’ve come to love their low price point S&S option for a good value mattress at a low cost.

This mattress consists of five different layers of construction.

The first layer is an Antimicrobial Cover. This sits directly on top of a pressure relief gel memory foam slab, which sits directly on top of a piece of 1.8 lb transitional performance support and motion isolation foam.

At the foundation, there’s another 1.8 lb piece of support foam, that provides a more durable foundation for the base of the mattress.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s a mattress cover included that zips off easily. With this setup, keeping your comfortable mattress clean will be a piece of cake! 

3. The Saatva Classic Mattress


Price: $849 – $1899

Available In: twin (and xl), full, queen, king (and split), Cal king (and split Cal)

Firmness Levels: Plush soft, luxury firm, firm.

Trial Length: 180-night home trial, and 15-year warranty.

The Saatva Classic Mattress is the flagship hybrid of the Saatva line.

They claim to offer 5 star comfort without 5 star markups… and by all accounts, this seems to be a correct assessment of the quality of the brand.

Their innerspring mattresses are a classic model with a dual coil design that blends durable edge support with the cushioned comfort of an eco-friendly foam/plus pillow top.

This particular mattress is recommended by many leading U.S. chiropractors, has won a seal of approval by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and is said to offer an incredible amount of back pain and joint pain relief, and the plush soft model with pillow top is best for side sleepers.

It’s a fairly standard mattress that blends a comfortable structure with more common-sense technology that allows customers to get a good night’s sleep.

4. DreamCloud Sleep Mattress


Price: $699 – $1,199

Available In: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Luxury firm.

Trial Length: 365-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty.

This is one of the top rated luxury hybrid brands. These innerspring mattresses feature memory foam designed to give you the best rest of your life.

There are 5 components to the DreamCloud Mattress for ultimate sleeping relief.

There is a soft-to-the-touch cover, a pressure-relief layer, sections foam to help you ‘sink in’ for maximum comfort, a ‘targeted support’ layer, consisting of individually wrapped innerspring coils, and an essential base layer.

You can use the mattresses with any kind of bed frame. But it also ships with a full-year trial that begins on the date of delivery.

In other words, you have a full 365 days to decide if this is the best bed for you to make the mattress buying process less stressful.

5. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress


Price: $479.20 – $1,099.20

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full (and short), queen (and short and Olympic), king (and short), Cal king (and split cal), and RV 70×74, 70×80, and 72×80.

Firmness Levels: Soft, medium, firm.

Trial Length: 120-night trial, and a 10-year warranty.

As a hybrid model, it utilizes “Ascension X® coils with patented hyper-responsive foam for increased comfort and deeper compression support—plus high-caliber Ascension X® perimeter coils for greater edge support.”

With this bed you also get a quilted top layer, and two levels of memory foam for more body support.

The real secret to these mattresses is the 8” base, consisting of up to 961 individually encased coils.

But on top of this base, you get a top-layer of TitanFlex foam, along with a layer of VariFlex transition foam to help you fall asleep as soundly as possible all for a reasonable cost.

6. Plank Hybrid Mattress


Price: $639.20 – $1,199.20

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen (and Olympic and short), king (and short), Cal king (and split cal), and RV 70×74 and 70×80.

Firmness Levels: Dual-sided – traditional firm mattress on one side, ultra-firm on the other.

Trial Length: 120-night trial period, 10-year warranty. 

The biggest selling point of these mattresses is that they were designed in the Far East minimalist mattress style, and are intended to be the firmest mattresses you can buy.

One cool thing about this mattress, though, is that you can actually flip it for two different levels of firmness. On one side, you’ve got a ‘traditional firm.’ On the other, you’ve got ‘ultra firm.’

This makes it a flexible option if you’re unsure about the ‘firmness’ you desire in your permanent mattress fixture, making these the best mattresses for someone who’s not quite sure the level of support they need.

7. EcoSleep Hybrid Mattress


Price: $719.20 – $1,199.20

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, Cal king (and split cal)

Firmness Levels: Dual sided – medium on one side, firmer on the other.

Trial Length: 120-night trial, 10-year warranty.

The EcoSleep Hybrid brand, created by Brooklyn Bedding, gives sleepers a more customized mattress option.

But it also gives you a 6” base, with up to 961 individually encased coils, topped with latex foam and an organic cotton cover for breathability and softness.

These mattresses also features higher gauge coils towards the sides for more sturdy edge support.

With these mattresses, you get 100% natural latex, along with a ‘flippable’ option to give you two different responsive surfaces.

With two sides to choose from, each customer will have their preference of medium firmness option on one side, and on the other, a firmer surface.

It’s also made in the USA.

8. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


Price: $499 – $999

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, and California king.

Firmness Level: Medium firm.

Trial Length: 365-night home trial, a forever warranty.

If you’re looking for a top-tier value mattress, Nectar may have you covered with this one.

Their mattresses feature 5 dynamic layers.

A quilted cooling mattress cover is ideal for hot sleepers, and a cooling gel memory foam layer allows for comfortable body weight distribution.

The brand features an ‘adaptive response transition’ layer to provide relief on pressure points and a soft sinking feeling, an all foam base layer that stabilizes and supports the components above it… and the bottom mattress cover, to ensure that the components don’t slide apart during the night.

It also includes free shipping and returns and with its relatively low cost, you can’t go wrong.

9. Sleep EZ Sleep Hybrid Mattress


Price: $695 – $1,295

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Levels: Medium plush, firm.

Trial Length: 90-night trial period, 10-year warranty.

The Sleep Hybrid is a a great latex option that delivers “incredible comfort at an incredible value.”

This bed can be flipped for two varying firmness options: medium plush and firm

It contains Bolsa ComfortCore 8” pocketed coils, as well as Quantum Elite Edge pocketed coils, to ensure that it gives you the edge support you need.

But it also contains 5” of 100% natural latex rubber, designed to give the bed more resilience while also giving you one of the most sustainably harvested, eco-friendly mattresses you can buy.

10. Plushbeds Hybrid Latex Mattress: The Eco Bliss


Price: $549 – $1,149

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king (and split), California king

Firmness Levels: Medium, medium-firm.

Trial Length: 100-night money-back guarantee, 25-year warranty.

This eco-friendly hybrid is handcrafted in the U.S. This brand features a plush surface layer of latex, a core of CertiPUR® certified polyfoam, and a stretchable cotton cover.

In other words, no springs or coils. There are two sections of foam construction, the plush comfort layer, then the polyfoam core.

If you’re looking for more comfort at an affordable price, Plushbeds has everything you need with this one with a purely memory-foam mattress design.

11. The WinkBed Mattress


Price: $749 – $1,549

Available sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Levels: Softer, luxury firm, firmer, plus (for heavier people).

Trial Length: 120-night risk-free trial, and a lifetime warranty.

The WinkBed made headlines when it was reviewed by the New York Times’ Wirecutter as the “#1 Innerspring Mattress, 2020,” calling it the best mattress for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Simply put, its products are engineered to meet your needs for a better night’s rest, pure and simple.

It features a Euro-Pillow top with gel-infused foam, wrapped pocketed coils, and an EXTRA-EDGE™ support system making these the best mattresses for back pain or those needing more support for their shoulders and hips.

It offers a range of firmness choices for side sleepers who prefers a soft mattress, to their “plus” option designed specifically for people with heavier body weight ranges.

SleepHelp has also rated this model the “best cooling mattress for hot sleepers” for its cooling features that wick moisture away and reduce body heat.

It’s also a surprisingly affordable pick, especially when you consider the fact that WinkBed is a pretty luxurious and trendy mattress name brand. 

12. Nora Mattress by Wayfair Sleep


Price: $329.99 – $649

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Medium firm

Trial Length: 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

The Nora Mattress from Wayfair gives you a more cost-effective option, while still offering incredible quality to help you throughout the night.

The Nora offers cooling mattress technology best for hot sleepers and medium firmness, and is compatible with an adjustable bed base. It’s delivered conveniently as a mattress in a box, which is made possible because the entire bed is made of different sections of high-density, gel-infused memory foam.

There’s a level of memory foam on top, with a level of polyfoam beneath that, with two layers of convoluted all foam base beneath that, a combination that gives you more support, and motion isolation your body needs.

All this make it one of our favorites for value as one of the lowest cost mattress on our list.

13. Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress


Price: $859 – $1748

Available Sizes: twin (and xl), full, queen, king (and split), California king

Firmness Levels: Dual-sided. Medium firm mattress on one side & luxury firm on the other.

Trial Length: 18-month trial period, lifetime warranty. 

The all foam Idle Sleep is made with CertiPUR-US®️ certified foams, which means that these are eco-friendly mattress materials, and they’re free of mercury and lead. They’re made of a blend of quantum coils, cooling features, and buoyant foam to create true hybrid comfort technology.

Several sections of comfort foam, covering the 6” quantum coils, give this bed more support and buoyancy needed to be insanely comfortable. 

The medium firm option is best for back or combination sleepers, while the firm side is the preference of stomach sleepers and heavy sleepers.

With its 18-month trial period, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty, this is the best mattress for people who may be unsure about their preferences and requires a longer break-in period.

14. Naturepedic Chorus Mattress


Price: $1,199 – $2,499

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Medium

Trial Length: 90 day money back guarantee, 10 year limited warranty

The Chorus is a natural, eco-friendly option for any sleepers. Instead of using polyurethane, adhesives, chemicals, and flame barriers, they use the best natural mattress materials for people who value the benefits of certified organic construction.

Some of the more healthy materials used to craft these products include organic cotton fabric and fill, organic wool batting, pla layers (made from non-GMO sugarcane), glueless support coils to support pressure points, and glueless microcoils.

All of this works together to create a more natural, eco-friendly option that’s not only healthy, but also offers the best comfort and support for any sleeping position.

15. My Green Mattress – The Natural Escape


Price: $999 – $1,799

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Medium firm

Trial Length: 120 night risk-free trial, 20 year limited warranty

The Natural Escape mattress is said to be “handtufted for extra durability and comfort.”

This brand features an outer cover that’s 100% organic cotton material (for breathability and safety), a 100% Dunlop latex hybrid support layer, and coil-pocketing innersprings for motion isolation that provides people full body conformity, relief on pressure points, and support for side sleepers.

These mattresses are best for providing customers with advanced lumbar support as well, and are recommended for any body shape or body type.

16. Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress


Price: $849 – $1,349

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king

Firmness Levels: Medium, medium-firm

Trial Length: 90-night sleep trial, 15-year limited warranty

The Eco Terra Hybrid gives you a combination of the best 100% natural latex, a coil array that’s encased in fabric for optimal spine support and pressure relief, an organic cotton cover (created to be breathable), and a chemical-free, polyurethane-free, toxin-free sleeping surface that’s said to provide people with “better, healthier sleep.”

The Quantum Coil system ensures each spring floats independently to offer additional support, increased airflow, and to provide edge-to-edge support for all sleepers.

They even go the extra mile to make sure that their beds are 100% natural material. They do this by using 100% natural Talalay latex & OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, sourced from sustainable growers so customers can be sure they’re making the best choice.

Reviewers say these specific types of beds are ‘unrivaled’ among synthetic foams for their luxurious comfort and support, and they’re one of the best hybrid spring mattresses you can buy.

17. Layla Sleep Hybrid Mattress


Price: $1099 – $1699

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Levels: Dual sided – soft on one side, firm on the other.

Trial Length: 120 night money back guarantee, 10 year limited warranty.

Layla Hybrid Mattresses are flippable, giving you a soft and a firm mattress side to choose from, good for many sleep positions.

In this bed, the layers matter. At the core is a 6 inch individually wrapped coil structure, with a double coil perimeter for the best edge support.

There are also two layers of max airflow support foam material, and two layers of copper-gel memory foam.

The multiple supportive components of the Layla Hybrid garnered it a top pick of the “the best mattress for back pain” by Sleepopolis.

The surfaces consist of super-soft fabric sections that give the mattress its two levels of firmness. But if having the ‘firm’ portion still makes the mattress too ‘firm,’ customers can even unzip the cover and just remove it.

18. Bed In A Box Mattress


Price: $559.20 – $919.20

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king (and California)

Firmness Level: Medium-firm

Trial Length: 120-night trial, 20-year limited warranty

Who hasn’t heard of the original BedInABox mattress?

This 11” mattress is made with CoolRest® Gel memory foam, accommodates all sleeping positions, and consists of 3 different layers.

Layer one is a smooth knit cover, layer two is 3” of CoolRest 3lb gel memory foam, and layer three is an 8” comfort layer of Sure Align 2lb density support foam, designed specifically for pressure relief and for the best support and alignment of your spine for any sleep position.

This brand’s original mattress in a box is CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certified for content, emissions, durability, and harmful substances.

19.  GladGrid Original Mattress


Price: $398 – $498

Available Sizes: Queen, king, California king

Firmness Levels: Supportive inside, soft outside

Trial Length: 120-night sleep trial period, 10-year limited warranty

Looking for a mattress at a truly affordable price that’ll still keep you comfortable? This may be the best one for you and from a company that prides itself on its customer service.

The GladGrid mattress is patterned with a distinctive black-and-white checkerboard style with zoned support. It’s also built from 3 comfortable, supportive layers to provide more pressure relief and help people fall asleep faster.

There are 1.5” of soft copper-infused memory foam, 2.5” of gel-infused slow rebound memory foam, and 6” of base support memory foam to help minimize motion transfer.

The cover and the lining are also made from 100% cotton material.

This mattress will work on any flat or sturdy surface. It’s also equipped with a Heataway System that helps to promote airflow, the best at keeping hot sleepers cool.

20. Latex For Less Latex Mattress


Price: $899 – $1,649

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen (and split), king (and split), Cal king (and split Cal) 

Firmness Level: Dual sided – medium on one, firm on the other.

Trial: 120 night home sleep trial, 20 year limited warranty

The Latex For Less mattress is made up of 6 different layers, creating a reversible, multi-firmness mattress option that contains only the best 100% natural latex.

It features ultra-soft materials, including a organic cotton cover, a 100% natural wool fire barrier that helps with temperature control, a ‘medium’ layer that serves as the ‘medium’ base best for side sleepers, and a ‘firm’ barrier that serves as the base of the ‘firm’ side.

All comfort, zero nonsense. No matter what your sleeping style these materials will give you one of the best night’s rest.

21. Puffy Mattress


Price: $495 – $1,050

Available Sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king.

Firmness Level: Medium-firm

Trial: 101-night trial, lifetime warranty

The Puffy Mattress gives you a memory foam mattress that’s best suited to all types of sleepers.

It offers customers proper body support and total pressure relief, gives you a cool breathable surface for temperature control, and is made with all hypoallergenic mattress material.

This is a pretty basic model for foam mattresses. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome.

It’s simple, elegant, and extremely comfortable.

You just can’t beat something at this price point that gives you this much bang for your buck! Plus, they offer free shipping and returns and a lifetime warranty.


There you have it!

A guide to the 21 best mattresses on the market today.

Now, all that’s left is to choose is the best option for you.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!