What is the best coronavirus latex glove on the market?

There is no measure of sanitation that is unnecessary if it prevents us from getting contagious with the terrible Covid19. To increase protection and put one more barrier between this pathogen and our health, we can use latex or nitrile gloves , and they prevent the hands from coming into direct contact with substances of biological origin that can serve as a vehicle for this deadly virus.

All medical, paramedical and health personnel are under the obligation to use these devices. They are very cheap and easy to use . So there are no excuses not to use them, avoiding the spread of the disease.

If you want to know  the best disposable medical gloves  and read about  how to use them to fight the coronavirus , then you should not miss this complete article.

IMPORTANT: Before choosing any product, we recommend that you confirm updated recommendations to prevent the disease with official health sources. On this website, we only carry out a comparison of products that can help you reduce the risk of infection, but we are not experts in the field. .

Here are the main WHO recommendations: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Buying guide and opinions show ]

Tips for choosing a good latex virus glove

Consider the following aspects to know how to choose the most appropriate disposable gloves for your needs :

  • The material: To ensure your safety, the gloves must be made of high quality latex or nitrile. If you are allergic, then we recommend nitrile ones, as they are hypoallergenic.
  • Size. Don’t let the gloves get too tight or too loose. Find the size that best fits the size of your hand.
  •  The price : A few euros can make the difference between a first-class product and a second-class one. Don’t skimp on your health.
  • The brand: Choose brands specialized in the production of medical supplements and prefer those that have certifications granted by official health entities, whether national or international.
  • The opinions of other users: Read the opinions of other buyers to know in depth the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

How much money should I spend on disposable medical gloves to avoid infection?

Are you looking for prices of disposable medical gloves ? Then you must bear in mind that the best latex gloves can cost a little more but better protect your health.

  • The cheapest disposable latex gloves  average € 10 .
  • Nitrile gloves better quality have close price of 20 € , but offer greater strength and comfort.

Top 5 disposable gloves

Durable Disposable Black Nitrile Powder-Free Medical Gloves Box of 100 BLACKN (L / Large)

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These disposable gloves are made of synthetic material (nitrile ). They are ideal for those people who have hypersensitivity or allergy to latex . It comes in a presentation of 100 units , in black and in various sizes (M, L, and XL).

They are highly resistant to give you strong protection against all kinds of solid and liquid contaminants . They have a textured finish so you can enjoy a better grip. Recommended for a rtists of the tattoo, barbers and hairdressers, mechanics, health and professional pest control. It can be a valuable tool to avoid contagion with Covid19.

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon .

What do other buyers think?

” This brand is very good, are well tough. I buy them for cleaning and handling fats and abrasive agents. No break easily. I am very pleased to come by size and molds perfect hand .”

100 ISC H&S Nitrile Gloves, powder free, in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.  Disposable, latex free, powder free, they are ideal for food handling.  (L, blue)

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ISC Hygiene & Safety presents these disposable nitrile gloves in 4 sizes (S / M / L / XL) to fit perfectly in your hands. For greater comfort, each glove can be used on both the right and left hands . It has a mircro-porous surface to favor a more secure grip. They are fresh and allow good sensitivity at the fingertips.

They are and specialmente designed for food handling and human and veterinary health work . They are also recommended for the application of cosmetics, cleaning of spaces, DIY, hairdressing, etc. They do not produce allergies . They come in packs of 100 units.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What do other buyers think?

” I’m going back to buy them because my husband was fine wearing them. He suffers from contact dermatitis that causes pain and itching. You can not use latex, so these nitrile are perfect for him. They are comfortable and durable “

Saville Gloves Size L without nitrile powder (1 Box of 100 gloves)

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Saville offers you this presentation of 100 disposable nitrile gloves totally latex and dust free. They come in large size (L) and in black color . Its thin material and with a textured surface ensures a good grip without preventing touch sensitivity . They are strong and durable. They can be used in all kinds of sanitary and health work , in the workshop, at home and in any place where greater protection is required against toxic or polluting substances.

They are ideal for people allergic to natural latex and are f abricados under the most stringent quality standards  (ASTM D6319, EN455, QSR – GMP and ISO9001y quality management system 2008).

Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon .

What do other buyers think?

” When I wear them I can grab the bullrings without problem and fit well into my hands. No break easily. They are easy to remove and put on . And it ‘s better not make them sweat my hands like latex . “

Box 200 - Mediguard Blue Nitrile Gloves, Medium - Powder Free

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Do you need to protect your hands comfortably and reliably? Then you have to try Mediguard Omnitex disposable medical gloves. They are made of strong latex-free and dust-free blue nitrile . Ideal for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin .

They are resistant to a wide range of contaminants and can be used in sanitary work and food handling. Highly recommended for doctors, nurses, dentists, hairdressers, craftsmen, among many other trades. The fingertip is textured for grip without impairing sensitivity. It is available in a presentation of 200 units. Manufactured with the highest safety standards.

Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon , they always have good prices.

What do other buyers think?

” My wife has time using these gloves that fit well with your hands and not lose feeling in fingers Well she is a nurse and knows that’s used for everything.. Up to paint hair “

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The TouchFlex disposable gloves are made of 100% nitrile , a synthetic material that, unlike latex, does not produce allergies . This package has 50 pairs of gloves that you can use in medical-sanitary tasks , at home or in jobs of all kinds . They are resistant and very comfortable. It comes in size XL .

Check its availability and price on Amazon .

What do other buyers think?

” They resist very well, I wear gloves every day in my pediatric practice and they pay me a lot. They are cheap and top quality “.

Buying guide What coronavirus gloves to buy? 

How to use disposable gloves?

The latex or nitrile should be used in tasks where there is a risk of contact with contaminating biological fluids, mainly: blood and tissues; objects that have been exposed to human secretions; during sanitary and medical procedures; waste collection and cleaning of rooms. To use them correctly you must take into account the following rules

  1. Wear the right size . Wearing very small gloves can jeopardize your integrity, promote breakage or hinder circulation.
  2. Wash your hands before and after using the gloves.
  3. Protect yourself from injury before putting on gloves. Use waterproof dressings
  4. Do not wear clothing (watches, bracelets, rings or other objects) that can break the gloves.
  5. Change gloves immediately in case they break.
  6. If you come into direct contact with the contaminating substance, you should wash your hands and contact the corresponding health authorities.
  7. It is recommended to periodically change the gloves even when they are in perfect condition.

If you are a health personnel or if you want to increase your protection against the Covid19 pandemic, you should wear gloves to reduce the chances of contagion.

How to remove latex gloves safely?

In order for you to remove the latex gloves in the safest way, avoiding all types of contamination, you just have to follow the instructions below.

  1. Pinch the palm of your hand – With your dominant hand, slightly lift the latex that is stuck to the palm of your other hand.
  2. With the middle finger, press down to stretch the latex making a small “pocket” with which to grasp the material.
  3. Remove the glove from your dominant hand and press a ball into the cuff (of the hand that is still gloved).
  4. Put the index finger of your free hand through the inner edge of the glove and push it until it turns (like removing a stocking) leaving the contamination on the inside.
  5. Now you can take off your glove completely without fear of contacting the dirt.

For how long can you wear the same gloves?

Disposable latex gloves should not be recycled or washed , once we have finished using them they should go directly to the trash. If they break during use, they should be replaced immediately, but you must first clean your hands with water and bactericidal soap.

Wear gloves when strictly necessary, such as health professionals when caring for patients. In case of surgical use, they should not be used for more than 3 hours. If used for nursing, aseptic cures and techniques should be replaced every 15 to 30 minutes.

Other ways to avoid contagion by coronavirus

To stay safe from this dangerous virus you must follow the rules that we give you below

  • Wash your hands frequently : Experts suggest that you should sanitize your hands at least 8 times a day. Especially when you’ve been in public places and where people with the virus are suspected.
  • When coughing or sneezing, it is best to cover your mouth or nose with your elbow flexed so that you do not contribute to spreading the virus through the air.
  • Avoid touching your face . Since you can facilitate the entry of the virus through the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes. Sterilize your hands before touching your face.
  • Use towels to eliminate any type of discharge (nasal, saliva, tears, etc.). Throw them away in the trash right away.
  • Restrict physical contact as much as possible. Avoid shaking hands, giving hugs, kisses, drinking in common posillos, sharing drinks, etc. They are the best measures to prevent the spread of viral agents.
  • Follow quarantines . If the health or government authorities ask you to stay home, do not hesitate to do so.
  • In case of emergency or forced exits , avoid crowded places and try to stay away from other people at least a couple of meters. Always wear masks and sanitize your entire body when you get home.
  • If you come into contact with possible carriers, you should immediately wash your hands with antibacterial products.

As epidemiologists and virologists study the behavior of the corona virus you find new elements that surprise them, and make them be alert. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the information issued by the World Health Organization or the Ministry of Health in the emergence of new elements or proposals to continue fighting this pandemic.

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