Snowboards in the review – the best models in 2020 in comparison

Do you want to start a new sport, have you started snowboarding and are you looking for the best snowboard? Then you need the right equipment. A simple price comparison will certainly not help you here. Rolling through one or the other offer is certainly interesting, but not necessarily what you need. Our recommendation is to deal with the topic itself. You can also look at several snowboards in the review. 

The Burton Instigator Snowboard, for example, as the review winner, did very well in the review due to its layer of fiberglass. A little of the material was taken from him at the front and back to increase maneuverability. In comparison, the Nitro Snowboard Men, which is equally suitable for powder snow and deep snow and accompanies beginners as well as professionals in high and flat snow.

Buying advice for snowboards

If you want to buy a snowboard today, you actually have to start with a special dictionary. There are so many technical terms that the average consumer can not do anything with and yet they are all very important, because they may describe your new board that you should be faithful to for many years.


The different profiles of the snowboards and their properties

Camber snowboards are classically preloaded. If you put them on the floor, there is only one contact point on the tail and nose. Until a few years ago, all snowboards were curved according to this variant. It is still used most frequently today. It not only promises the ultimate in edge grip and pop, but ingenious performance. If it is important that you can carve properly on the slope or want to get into the pipe, you are very well advised with a camber board. With it, the riderfindsprecision and control. 

The rocker snowboard is, so to speak, the opposite of the camber, it is bent in such a way that it is bent the other way around. In professional circles it is also called reverse camber. This type of board impresses with the good buoyancy and the higher turning ability in powder. This makes it easy for newbies to learn the first moves in the snow. Stability, pop and edge grip are unfortunately a little worse than the normal camber.

Flat , the name really says it all. It is not only very flat, but also lies on the entire surface. It does not only use individual support points. Many advantages of rocker and camber have been combined in the flat board. The edge is longer than the rocker and therefore also more effective. However, it is also easier to turn and more playful than a camber. Even in a park for snowboards, the flat is in good hands. Boxes and rails are not a problem and can be easily overcome.

The hybrid camber is shaped like a rocker on the nose and tail. Compared to the normal camber board, this ensures perfect buoyancy in the so-called powder. At the same time, this significantly reduces the risk of tilting. The rest, which still looks like the camber board, ensures that the snowboard delivers the right performance and power in the snow.

With the hybrid rocker, it is the middle of the board that, thanks to the rocker design, ensures that it gets more buoyancy and easy turning. Instead, the camber portion in the area of ​​the bindings ensures that sufficient edge hold and pop are provided. Of course, you have to be willing to compromise with a hybrid rocker: You should not lose sight of the fact that the hybrid rocker is closer to the rocker board, just as the hybrid camper was more influenced by the classic camber. 

TBT is short for Trible Base Technology. Such boards have a side bend. This takes place on the tail and nose. This procedure creates three different support points. These give the board its name. It gives the rider a playful feeling of freedom. On the board axis of the TBT it is very similar to the camber board. 

Differences from snowboards for men and women

There are three major differences between snowboards for men and for women. For one thing, it’s the width of the board. The women’s boards are more agile because they are often narrower. This is very useful for women’s feet. The boards can be folded over much more easily. This uses less power. But caution is advised, if the snowboard gets too narrow, there is the possibility to just get stuck in the snow with the boots, as they overlook the board. Professionals here give the tip to women, if the shoe size is 41 and larger, simply switch to a snowboard for men, which is a bit softer. This has the same effect, but is considerably safer.

The second difference is the hardness. The boards are just softer than the men’s. This gives the women a better feeling and feel for cornering. These boards also forgive more mistakes and less effort is required to control it.

Here, the women with a higher weight have to be careful, because softer boards ensure a driving behavior under higher loads, which cannot be called unstable for no reason. Again, the tip here, a woman weighs over 65 kilos, she can confidently fall back on a board for men.

The third difference is clearly the weight of the snowboards. The women’s boards are lighter. This is due to the smaller width and, of course, the design for less weight. Less material is simply required and used, which in turn significantly reduces the effort required for women.

What else should you know about snowboards?

If the retailer specifies a length that is not specified in more detail, this has been measured from nose to tail and often also belongs in the name of the snowboard. Actually, the board of the rider should always extend from the feet to the chin. For beginners, however, the experts advise using a smaller board, as this is a little more manoeuvrable and the corners are easier to master. If the board extends far beyond the nose, this is often used for freeriding or for all mountain rides.

The width of a board is measured in the middle. It has to match the bindings and, more importantly, the boots. Look beyond the board, the driver can get stuck and there are unsightly accidents. When it comes to bindings, the best thing to do is to stick to the Flow company, which produces for men, women and children.

When cornering, an edge is always in contact with the ground, which experts call an effective edge . If this edge is shorter, the board is also more agile. Conversely, this means that the rider has less control over the board at high speeds.

Flex is also important . This is how the hardness of the board is called. There is a scale that is used between 1 and 10, or 1 and 5. A softer board is safer for beginners as they can forgive more mistakes. They are also easier to control. The relationship between the length of the board and the body size must be just as correct as that between flex and body weight . The heavier and bigger the rider is, the harder and longer the snowboard should be.

Of course, the shoe size must also match the board, from a shoe size of approximately 44 we recommend you to buy a wide board that is appropriate to the size of your foot.

10 best snowboards in review 2020

We want to introduce you to the best snowboards 2020 in our review. It is not just about the best snowboard, or even the cheapest snowboard, but simply that you get an idea and can benefit from our experience with the snowboard. Below are 10 different boards that have been reviewed. Compare your most important factors and use it to find the best snowboard for you and your body stature.

1. Burton Instigator wooden snowboard weight 1.6 kg

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The Burton Instigator Snowboard is a board that is very suitable for both beginners and advanced. While others are still practicing in groups on the slopes, the owner of this snowboard can make the first turns directly. With the very flat flat top camber you can hardly lose your balance. This also easily compensates for canting errors and in some cases even avoids them.

The descent remains smooth and can be enjoyed. The Burton Instigator Board will give you a lot of confidence from the very first try. You need this to enjoy every step of snowboarding. Jumps can also be made with this board.

The material is made of fiberglass, so the board can react very flexibly to any situation and guarantee your safety. In addition, thanks to the covering, the board requires very little maintenance and does not have to be rubbed down after each use.

The core consists of two different types of wood, both are grown sustainably and have different densities. This way, you don’t have to make an effort to stay in control.

In order to make the board more agile, the material was reduced at the front and back. So you can easily corner and pick up more speed.


Materials: core of 2 types of wood and fiberglass cover. Both together ensure a stable, robust and flexible snowboard.

Covering: The covering only rarely needs maintenance

Durable: The material is very durable and ensures that you can use the same board from beginner to advanced.

Maneuverability: The snowboard is more manoeuvrable than others because material has been saved at the front and back.


Professional sports: The board is not designed for professional sports, but rather for beginners or advanced.

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2. Nitro Snowboard Men’s Prime Toxic made of wood

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The Nitro snowboard, named Prime Toxic, was specially designed for men. It doesn’t matter whether they have just started or are already advanced. On the slopes, this board quickly becomes your best friend and enables you to control it very quickly.

The material, which is largely made of wood, forgives most of the mistakes immediately. This strengthens your self-confidence and you will soon dare to do some tricks on the snowboard. The size of the snowboard is 165W cm, which is perfect for a full-grown young man. With a width of 118 mm you have a wide and safe stand.

Usually the level says that the board should only be used on finished slopes. However, since it belongs to the Allrounder Freeride category, you can also get off into the deep snow without anything happening to you. There it also proves its carving qualities. It lies on the floor between the two bonds and is therefore able to build up a higher tolerance compared to professional sports. Wearing behavior and gliding are very pleasant in powder snow.


Snow: It is very well suited for slopes with powder snow.

Category: The board is an all-rounder freeride and can also handle deep snow.

Level: Beginners and advanced learners can handle the board equally well, it forgives one or the other beginner mistake.


Professionals: This snowboard is not so well suited for professionals because it is more about safety than quick maneuvers.

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3. Rossignol Sbowboard Circuit Amptek 161 cm wide Rocka schwarz

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The Rossignol Circuit Amptek snowboard is a board for men. Due to its maneuverability, it is remarkably easy to control. Beginners in particular have a lot of fun with this sports equipment, as it is very suitable for all types of snow. The width of the board center is 263 mm. It combines the best of campers and rockers. That means that this is a hybrid. It has the shape and manner of the camber between the feet, but of the rocker at the front and back.

That means it doesn’t touch the ground there. Due to the shape, which takes some getting used to, the board looks a bit like a banana. In professional circles, this is also called reverse camber, because it behaves exactly the opposite of the actual camber board. The board has a lot of grip even at high speeds, but also allows easy tricks in deep snow. The grip of the edges is exorbitantly high, but none of the gliding properties is lost.

In terms of category, the board is an all-rounder freeride. This means that it was primarily made for the slopes, but it also shows a tendency to carving. The shape also allows other types of snow.


Maneuverability: The maneuverability of the snowboard is very easy.

Beginners: It is very suitable for beginners as it is designed for all types of snow.

Grip: The grip is very high due to its edges, but the rider does not have to do without sliding.


Price: The price is quite high for beginners.

Speed: Beginners have to get used to the speed.

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4. Solomon Drift Rocker Snowboard bundle 154 cm long

The Salomon Drift Rocker Snowboard is 24.90 cm wide in the middle. Its length is 154 cm with an edge length of 119 cm. It has a radius of 7.6 m and can be used by young people up to a shoe size of 43. Your own body weight should not burden the snowboard with more than 65 kg. However, it should not be less than 45 kg.

Anyone looking for Olympic snowboards on the Internet will come across the Salomon company, as many in the German team appreciate this manufacturer. It can be used in parks, but also on the pipe. It is suitable for freestyle. The core of the snowboard is called Aspen Light Core.

This board has grip but is also sold without. Anyone looking for a really light camber board will love it. It can be driven very aggressively on the edge, since there are three radii in it. It is a flatboard that becomes a rocker on the nose and tale. If a rider only wants to carve, he should always plan a few centimeters more on the board. If spins and other things are included, this board is designed for a body length of approx. 1.74 m.


Radii: It has three radii in the edge, which makes it very aggressive to drive.

Areas: It is suitable for the park and especially the slopes.

Material: The material is very well made and can therefore keep up with others on the market in terms of price-performance ratio.


Mistakes: This snowboard forgives hardly any mistakes, therefore only for experienced riders

Beginners: Not very suitable for beginners.

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5. Capita Denfers of Awsome 154 cm plastic and wood

The Capita Snowboard Defenders of Awsome is made of plastic and wood. It has a length of 154 cm but other lengths are also available. It has a core made of FSC Dual Core. The Shape is Blended Radial Twin. It was covered with fiberglass, which is clearly noticeable when sliding well. It is not without reason that this board repeatedly wins the Transworld Good Wood Award. It is considered very stable and combines lightness and efficiency.

With this board from Capita you can control any kind of snow very well. If the rider leans forward during the descent, he immediately feels the stability: This is due to the active tips, because in the end they are the ones that ensure good Ollie. It is easy to maintain, even though it is very powerful.

The driving edge is 116 cm long. The complete length is 154 cm. The weight can be put at 2.7 kg. In terms of stature, the rider should have a weight of 60 kg – 80 kg.

The material is very high quality. The sidewalls have been reinforced with Kevlar to keep them stable when used frequently.

This board combines all the qualities that you could only want for a freestyle board.


Ground contact: It maintains very good contact with the ground.

Freestyle: The board has all the positive features of a freestyle board.

Sidewalls: The sidewalls have been reinforced with Kevlar.

Hot pursuit:

Surreptitious advertising : Capita prints its name thickly and effectively on the board, whether the rider wants it or not.

Powder snow: In powder snow, the rider has to watch out a little more than with other boards.

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6. Airtracks Snowboard Set Akasha Board Wide Hybrid Rocker 152 cm

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The snowboard set Akasha Board Wide Hybrid Rocker by Airtracks is 152 cm long. The set includes not only the binding, but also the board, boots and a carrying case. You can also buy the board itself in lengths of 157 cm and 159 cm. The profile of the snowboard is a hybrid rocker profile which is complimented by the wide shape.

In this snowboard, both proven and advanced technology mix perfectly. It can be taken on any terrain. The binding is the newly released Airtracks Master Fastec binding, which turns out to be a real all-rounder in the review. Once set, this binding can no longer slip. The template and straps can still be readjusted easily, even on the mountain. The rider does not need any tools for this.

The power transmission takes place directly, but the binding can forgive minor errors. The highback is foldable and can be opened with the binding with just a single movement. High-quality plastic was installed in the baseplate, so it delivers very good performance not only in the park, but also on the slopes.

The boots sit very comfortably from the start, so that there are no pressure points at all. Lacing and Velcro help to make the individual adjustment.


Binding: The binding can forgive errors despite direct power transmission

Baseplate: The baseplate is made of plastic and can therefore deliver good performance on the slopes and in the park.

Boots: The boots have both lacing and Velcro. Both ensure good adaptation to every foot.


Lines: If the lines are not set correctly from the start, they will loosen in between.

Width: The width sometimes does not match the shoe size.

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7. K2 men’s Raygun snowboard

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The K2 Raygun snowboard can be purchased in various sizes between 150 cm and 161 cm. It has a flat and shape directional profile. Flex is 6. Like many others, K2 has launched advanced snowboards in a financially sound environment, so everyone can afford a good board.

The technology has been slightly reduced, but this does not detract from the good quality. This board has omitted the tweekend technology that other K2 snowboards have on the tail and nose. If the rider gets into deep snow, he doesn’t have to work as much as if he were standing on a true twin. It also has very good stability on the edge and is rather effortless to control. The material is very durable thanks to a wooden core.

The snowboard is not only used by men, but also by women. Once the correct size has been adjusted, there is no stopping even with the lovely femininity. The design is rather simple, even if it has the colors blue, red and black. They are nowhere near as bright as other boards. Here the rider still shines through his tricks and driving skills.


Value for money : The board is very cheap in terms of quality and quite affordable for advanced users.

Material: The material is very durable, it is a wooden core.

Terrain: The K2 snowboard is suitable for any terrain.


Technology: Becoming a Tweekend Technology

Base: The base is not super fast, but can keep up with boards in the same class.

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8. Burton children’s snowboard size 90 cm riglet board

The Burton children’s snowboard is a very modern riglet board. With this board you can teach your children to snowboard without snow. It was not produced by the manufacturer for the large slopes, but inexpensive, to get a feel for the sport on carpets, lawns, or with a little snow in the back yard. The edges are very stable and invite you to climb up immediately. The surface over which you drag your child should only be rather low-friction. Otherwise you can also install bindings if necessary, for this the inserts are included. In this way, the child can learn the next step right away before going on a winter vacation.

Practicing is very important, especially for children, when it comes to the slopes for the first time, it is important that they master the basic knowledge. The risk of injury is all the less when it stands on a board for the snow.

The board has a weight of 1.5 kg and the size of 90 cm x 20.5 cm x 1.5 cm. It is explicitly sold by the manufacturer as a practice board, which should not simply be taken onto the slopes.


Weight: The board weighs only 1.5 kg, so that the child can carry it himself if necessary

Binding: The snowboard can be retrofitted with a binding so that the offspring can also get used to it.

Exercise: The child learns to love winter sports early on.


Piste: The board should not be taken onto the piste, it is a simple practice board for children.

Supervision: The snowboard should only be used under the supervision of the child.

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9.Völkl Squad Rocker Men’s Freestyle Snowboard 152 cm

The Völkl Squad Rocker Snowboard is excellent for men, but can also be used by women. It is 152 cm long with an edge length of 117.5 cm. The width at the front is 30.1 cm, in the middle at 25.1 cm and at the back at 30.1 cm.

The radius is 6.89 m. The board is suitable for people with a shoe size up to 44.

The Völkl snowboard is a freestyle rocker shape with a flex of 7. Only high quality materials such as fiberglass fabric, aramid fabric were used.

The board can be used anywhere due to its nature. Be it on the slopes or in special parks. Do you love jibs? Then you should get this board. It is very easy to turn and allows many unthinkable and conceivable tricks. Of course, this is made even easier by the fact that the snowboard absorbs a lot of bumps and blows and even allows you to master bomb holes.

The design uses a bright red, as well as a subtle light blue, both sides stand out well from each other. The Völkl company name has been applied very discreetly.

With this board you can play well and take your own freestyle skills to a new level.


Materials: High quality and robust thanks to the connection of different fabrics.

Reinforcements: The board has reinforced side walls to achieve more cushioning

Natural Wax: The natural wax used is of course biodegradable.


Size: Völkl specifies this board as one size . However, professionals know that there can be no such thing.

Beginners: Beginners should stay away from this board as it really only forgives a few mistakes.

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10. Salomon Sight Black All Mountain Freeride 150 cm

The Salomon Sight Black is an all mountain freeride snowboard with a length of 150 cm. It can be controlled very well on the entire slope and makes the descent a great experience. Regardless of whether straight or curvy, both are brilliantly solved with the Salomon snowboard.

It is ideal for both powder snow and a little freestyle. The balance between tolerance and liability is more than just good. It is not a problem to switch between the edge of the piste, the snow park, or the piste itself. This is the only way to have the most fun and to develop optimally.

The middle of the board is 245 mm wide. It is known in the art as camber and rocker. In the middle it has the shape of the camber, on the nose and tail it is more the rocker. This is how the positive effects come together to form a hybrid.


Comfort: The comfort in curves, in powder snow or in freestyle leaves nothing to be desired.

Balance: There is a very good balance between tolerance and liability.


Wide: The wide version is just as wide as normal boards from other providers

Speed: When the snowboard picks up speed, it becomes difficult to control.

Value for money : other providers offer more for the same money.

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frequently asked Questions

Question 1: How big must a snowboard be?

Generally it is said that snowboarding should reach your chin. However, this is just a rule of thumb. However, the length depends on the body weight and the length. The heavier and taller a person is, the longer the correct snowboard is usually. Of course there are also very different types of snowboards that are at least as important for finding the right one. But you need to know what the snowboard is used for most. Normal slopes, parks, or off road.

Question 2: Learn snowboard – how long does it take?

There is no general answer to this. Everyone has a different perception. The question of whether you want to teach yourself or take a course also plays a major role here. We generally recommend a private teacher or a course. There you will learn directly how to shift the weight. Many courses last about 3 days in which 5 hours are practiced per day. After that you are actually fit for the first slopes. It doesn’t have to be the most difficult.

Question 3: What is simple skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is much more difficult. When snowboarding you only have to keep one board under control. Skiing is always two poles and two skis. The complexity is considerably higher and it requires a lot more coordination skills. However, this question often leads to hot discussions, which can only be clarified by saying that with a little skill and talent, both can be learned. One may take a little longer, the other may not.

Question 4: How do you snowboard?

By first taking a course by learning the basic rules. You then start driving lightly on the plain to slowly approach the backside and frontside. Backside means that the rider can slowly slide downhill with his back to his hand. The weight on the back was known. Now you change your position and let your head slide to the mountain. This is called frontside in specialist circles. Then comes the cornering and of course you have to get to know the means of transport, the lift. All of this is easiest to learn with a course, take a few days to do something good for your health.

Question 5: When should I buy a snowboard?

It is only worth buying a snowboard if you are sure that you want to do this sport more than once. If you would like to take a trial course first, or if you have enough after one time, the money would certainly be better invested elsewhere. There are now very many shops in the ski areas that rent out such equipment completely. Here you can also be sure that you will receive equipment from a well-known manufacturer. After all, the devices that are lent must always serve well. You can invest your own money when you have already had your first time and you have the fever. Then its time has come and you can find the right snowboard for you.

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